A typewriter from Churchill's War Rooms.

Let’s have some literotundi fun, shall we.  What say you?  I’ll take the book or the writer.  Either one!  See how easy I am?  (answers to be posted Tuesday)

The first person to get all 13 correct wins a free book.

1.   A man goes looking for the Haze house at 342 Lawn Street.

2.   Where you’ll find Pickles Gap and The Dry Bean.

3.   The narrator’s natural philosphy, and particularly chemistry, are nearly his sole occupations.

4.   Between chapters 1 and 2, there are 11 unaccounted for years.

5.   “So it goes.”

6.   Peyton Loftis’s coffin comes to town on the train.

7.    Big woods and Half-Pints.

8.   “They call it the widow-maker, pal,” and “Why do you always have to be right.”

9.    The monomaniacal captain.

10.   The Tree of Heaven that likes poor people.

11.   Milkman’s journey.

12.   Goats’ milk and chunks of bread and golden, toasted cheese are most of their mountain meals.

13.   Story in which Ernest eats a lot of oysters.