Can You Live This Fantasy Life

In addition to my dream of writing a book that people can’t wait to read, I have this recurring fantasy:

We own a bookstore downtown, a few blocks from our house.  We walk to work.  Our gem of a store is a small-ish space with high ceilings and dark wood walls and well-worn rugs.  We have a collection of rare books, but also an entire section of our own books, which people can browse or borrow or read right there in our shop.  We have story hour for kids every afternoon.  A French tutor has her own corner where she works with kids after school.  We have author readings twice a month, some famous, most not.  There are high-backed, leather library chairs, lamps that put off just the right amount of light, and a huge stone fireplace that blazes even in summertime.  We serve wine and coffee.  There’s a house dog and a house cat, and neighbors and friends and strangers wander in and out, just to say hello or to sit for spell and talk about books.

15 thoughts on “Can You Live This Fantasy Life

  1. lisahgolden

    Ooooooh. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that this received a nearly sexual response from me. Yes, as a fantasy, it’s that good. I want to be one of the friends wandering in and out. Mostly in.

    And then my old life intrudes and insists I remind you to discreetly tape down those worn rugs. We wouldn’t want anyone to trip and sue you and ruin the dream.

    (Why yes, I have been working on my resume again!)


  2. Lyra

    Oh. My. God.
    No seriously, down to the last detail of walking to work…
    I even have the building picked out. An enormous old church that was converted to an Italian restaurant and now is for sale…one million dollars.
    I need this to be a really, really big book…

  3. jesslaheyJess

    Sigh. Lovely.

    There was a beautiful Victorian house in the main village of our town for sale last year, and I wanted to open it as a bookstore/bakery/coffee shop with a neighbor. Not really – I love my teaching job and I already have a whole second job writing as well, but yes. All of it. The dog, the cat, the big cushy chairs, the tutors…all of it, yes.

  4. erikamarks

    In a past life, I was a baker. Put me to work. So long as I can drink on the job (and read, too, for that matter.) Sounds just perfect, Teri.

  5. catherine

    I’ve often thought about the bookstore scenario – an English bookstore here in Italy? For foreigners and locals alike? But my town is way too small to sustain it. I thought I had my ideal life years ago when I had an art gallery, but that was attached to a bar which wore me down no end! How to find balance, and still have time to write, translate, practice, scream at kids?

    Perhaps a part-time employee in the English section of a big cool book shop?

  6. lizisilver

    I’ll work for free, Teri.

    (Interesting tidbit: do a google search for brazenhead books; I saw the etsy video for him weeks ago and I can’t get him or his life–who am I kidding, his books!– out of my mind)

  7. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    Teri, never has anyone painted such a perfect picture of my imaginary life.

    I’m not sure I will sleep tonight, thinking about this. If I do, I hope I dream of it all night.

    Wait, if I sit on a street corner at midnight tonight, maybe a car will pick me up and take me there?

    (Have you seen Midnight in Paris yet? If not, go see it! Your post would be my Midnight in Paris. Oh yes it would.)

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