Say Hello to JoJo

This year my birthday is all fireworks — and puppy-proofing the house — as we welcome 8 week old JoJo into our family.  I have no idea how old I am. Don’t even care.









So guess what I’m reading?  When I’m not watching her sleep.


24 thoughts on “Say Hello to JoJo

  1. Jess

    Sigh. Lovely.

    Just what I needed after 14 straight hours of writing. I think my ass has grafted to the chair. Tomorrow, after chapters are handed in, I will take my yellow bundle of joy on a hike.

    Keep the pictures coming!

  2. Lyra

    There she is!!!! JoJo wonder dog! She’s the luckiest dog in the world to come home to your family.
    How is Lea holding up around Puppyville?

  3. Lyra

    That last picture…I could just squeeze and smush that bebe. What are the chances my husband would cave on a dog…

    1. Teri Post author

      JoJo is a lucky dog. I’m a lucky mama. You have Porkchop —- one baby at a time!

      We need Porkchop updates at least every other day. Oh Pearl. Oh Porkchop. Oh Family!!!

  4. Laura

    Huzzah for JoJo!

    When I was a teenager and my family got a puppy, we promptly bought some expensive dog training videos and a book….which promptly gathered dust on the shelf while we let the puppy gradually gain control over every last family member until the end of time. I hope you fare better. 🙂

  5. erikamarks

    Nothing is a better sight before sleepytime than puppy pictures! What a celebration for you and JoJo. I’m with Lyra and wondering how Lea is feeling about the new addition?

  6. Downith

    Oh my gosh!!! So gorgeous. Al those reservations I have about caving to the kids on the puppy issue …………….melting awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy. Enjoy!

  7. Teri Post author

    Morning puppy update:

    Slept through the night in her kennel. No crying. No pee or other in the house. Of course she’s under constant surveillance.

    She’s very “interested” in my laptop keyboard, my red toes pedicure, and the corners of the rugs. Let the day’s work begin.

    The cuteness factor is off the charts.

  8. amyg

    happy happy birthday (what day is it? am i close? late? way too early?)

    jojo is a lucky puppy. (it never hurts to have all that marshmallow-ey cuteness going on)

    nicknames yet? (our elvis used to go by elrod)

    what’s up with me and all these parentheses? (maybe it has something to do with the number 9–ha ha)

  9. lizisilver

    Happy birthday Teri! I read your post in the waiting room for the first of three of my clinic appointments. The pictures of JoJo put a smile on my face and helped me relax for the gauntlet. Thank you and enjoy the little black-nosed bundle. (Can you feel the restraint I’m using to prevent myself from typing out all the cooing noises?)

  10. Karen

    Sweet sweet dog (I’m a nut for Labs – even the 90lb Bad Dog now living with me). Congrats!

    Also, just wanted to send a birthday wish to a fellow Leo – hope it’s a good publishing year for us all


    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks, Karen. I’m having a laugh about your 90 pounder as my 11 pound baby has just gone down for her morning nap. Ha!

      Here’s to our publishing happiness for this coming year — which day is your birthday?

      1. Karen

        Mine was Wed. – but didn’t we agree that a-l-l August is our b-day celebration? (I hope so – just finished a 3 hour lunch with a friend celebrating birthday month…)

  11. macdougalstreetbaby

    I’m sorry I’m late in wishing you a happy birthday! I hope it was wonderful, replete with your favorite glass of vino, and a beautiful sunset. And what a delish pup JoJo is!!! Did you name her after an ice-skater or do her eyes remind you of a rich cup of coffee? I’m sure you’ve nuzzled her often. She is so darn cute!!! Hugs.

  12. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    Belated birthday wishes, Teri! I’m so glad you bit the bullet and welcomed a new puppy! Nothing ever totally takes the place of a beloved lost pet, but a new one does indeed help fill the void. And he is so, so adorable.

    My sweetest kitty cat escaped from the house three days ago. I’ve spent the last few days searching under neighbor’s decks and trees. *sigh* Not looking promising. Can I borrow JoJo for a hug?

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