Sometimes you need a shot in the arm.  Or shots.  Plural.

1.  Someone once told me, “Beauty is short lived.  We need to be developing our charming personalities.”  They were right.

2.  A red frisbee has many uses.

3.  My son is finally — finally, after 15 years of coercion by moi — watching THE GODFATHER movies.  The best motion pictures ever made.  Period.  No really.  Period!!

4.  At 3 and 4 in the morning, the stars shine bright as hell over my house.  I don’t remember ever seeing them before.  If I’m up, I’m either writing, reading, or watching a trashy movie for the 47th time.  With JoJo’s arrival, I’m outside at all hours.  Outside is exquisite.

5.  I am covered in dog hair and puppy slobber.  I rarely shower.  I feel pretty.

6.  *** redacted****  I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the person getting these champagne flutes! (pictured above)

7.  On July 19, I beat 3 men at golf.  On a tough course.  By a lot.  🙂

8.  I love history and an art gallery.  This summer I went through Churchill’s War Rooms.  To London’s National Gallery twice.  To the British Library.  It wasn’t even close to enough.

9.  In Napa, I learned how wine is made.  How nature —- owls, blue birds, mice, mosquitoes, flies, bats — work.  Way cool.

10.  I bought dinner napkins, nose-strips, and potato chips at Walgreen’s.  More than once.  That’s how much I hate the “experience” of Target.

10.  Recapping summer 2011:  I traveled way too much, ate way too much, drank too much, played and played, and gained what must be a million pounds.  London, Seattle, Napa, Hawaii, Newport Beach, Indiana.  I met AmyG, Averil, Downith!  I’m exhausted.  I’m content.  When my last flight landed this past Sunday (hard and bouncing in high winds all over the damned place) I thought, That’s It!  I’m Done!

This is/was the best summer in recent memory.  Tell me your highlights.