(a first-ditch effort to build up to:  Things I’d Like to Start Doing)

The Luce Line in late Fall, my old jogging trail.

1.  Checking the dot.coms like an OCD patient.  This includes CNN, People Magazine, e-mail, blog stats, comment responses, ESPN tennis and golf, etc.

2.  “Talking” to my children via text message so much.  It’s become a bad habit.  I want to hear their voices more.

3.  Choosing shoes for comfort instead of style, like an old lady.  Sometimes it feels good to have sore feet.

4.  Wishing new books were more like old books.  As in, I pick up a fine new book and for the first 50 pages all I can think about is it’s not as good as SOPHIE’S CHOICE, LONESOME DOVE, CAT’S EYE, A THOUSAND ACRES, etc.

5.  Making lists of household chores that never, never get done, just rewritten onto a new, cleaner-looking list.

6.  Seeking and/or cooking comfort food even when I don’t require any comforting.

7.  Worrying that I’m talking or laughing too loud and bothering someone.

8.  Watching re-runs of ER, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and Six Feet Under instead of giving the new shows a fighting chance.

9.  Following the rules.

10.  Saying “thank you” and “I’m sorry” when I either don’t mean it or it’s unnecessary.

What’s on your list?