Like Killing A Giraffe

A good friend is on African safari and she sent me this photo today — taken with her iPhone for crying out loud — with the caption:  This male lion was exhausted after killing a giraffe.


Sometimes this is what writing feels like.  It could be you’ve churned out a few hundred pages of your first or fifth draft and then, finally, crash from the purge.  More often, however, it’s something shorter that gives us fits:  the once-perfect chapter that no longer makes a lick of sense; the short story that started out screaming with promise, going suddenly … nowhere; that one f-ing section of dialogue that has to be wrestled to the ground.


Two thoughts:

1)  It’s totally worth it when you get to feeling like that lion.

2)  Time to plan my safari.


11 thoughts on “Like Killing A Giraffe

  1. Averil Dean

    I’m in chase mode right now. Flat out, mane flying–to be closely followed by the lionesque crash and a long nap.

    (Notice that it’s a male lion. That’s because the mama lions just keep going. They’re probably feeding the cubs while this big boy sleeps in the sun.)

  2. amyg

    i’m with laura, i’m feeling (or my novel is) more like the giraffe than the lion.

    (i’ve heard lion’s believe you steal their soul when you take their photo with an iPhone.)

  3. Lyra

    I am so jealous of your friend out there in the world, living it.

    I feel like that lion but because after all that chasing, sometimes you have nothing but exhaustion.

  4. Teri Post author

    You girls are my Friday entertainment … And I thank you. Somebody just emailed me and said: Of course he’s asleep. He did his one thing. The females are still out stocking up for the week’s supplies, corralling all the cubs, fending off predators, and making sure the whole fucking pride is happy.

  5. erikamarks

    I’m that guy on the short ones, for sure. I swear the ones that make me pull my hair out or get up from the screen or bed in the middle of the damn night are sometimes only a few lines. Sometimes just getting a character from point A to point B in a conversation is so exhausting you feel like you’ve written a whole book. But no. Three hours (or more!) later you have ten new lines to show for it. Not a giraffe, not even close. But man, it does feel like it sometimes.

  6. macdougalstreetbaby

    That’s a great picture. How sick is it that I want to see a picture of him eating the giraffe?

  7. Bobbi

    Hey…what’s all this anti-giraffe sentiment going on? That giraffe was likely related to me, have you no shame woman!

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