Strike Up The Band

Let’s end this week of executions and murder trials and a falling stock market on a joyful note, shall we?

I’m going way back and watching the first season of a 1978 TV series.  What a great soap opera Dallas was.  And guess what, it’s still damned good.

Come on, you know you loved the show and got happy when you heard the intro / theme song.


Some new books arrived in a box on my doorstep:  The Art of Fielding, The Tragedy of Arthur, We The Animals, Life With a Star, and All the Names.

Like I need more books.

But then I do.


And you know you’re not getting out of here without puppy pictures.

JoJo snuggling up to Lea, anyway she can. Persistence and sneakiness are fine traits.

A run for fun.


11 thoughts on “Strike Up The Band

  1. macdougalstreetbaby

    Total Dallas fan here. Bobby was the man.

    I’m loving that last picture, with the black background and Lea looking all wise next to her innocent little sister. That photo needs to be blown up and put over your mantle. Beautiful.

  2. lisahgolden

    I love the puppies! They’re a nice break from the felines.

    And boy do I remember the days of being happy to come home on a Friday night after basketball games to watch Dallas.

    1. lisahgolden

      And we’re definitely in sync with our memories today. I was talking on the phone with a friend this afternoon and we were discussing old TV lineups. Including Dallas!

  3. Downith

    You know it’s coming back, right? There was an interview with Sue-Ellen (can’t be bothered to google her real name!) last weekend in one of the papers here…

    Little Jojo and older but wiser Lea – so tempting!

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