Our Little Gale Gumbo

I just ordered my copy of LITTLE GALE GUMBO, a new novel by our very own Erika Marks.  I’m so excited to see this wonderful book finally – finally – come out into the world.  It’s been a pleasure to follow Erika’s road to publishing her first novel.  A labor of love, it’s been, and also years of dedication and hard work.

Click here to order your copy (on paper or Kindle).

Here’s a brief description.  Is it just me, or does this story sound like it would make for a great book club discussion?

Hoping for a fresh start, Camille Bergeron picked up her life–including her two teenage daughters, Dahlia and Josie–and left New Orleans for the quiet shores of Little Gale, an island off the coast of Maine. To share Creole spice with their islander neighbors, who at first were more suspicious than welcoming, the Bergeron family opened The Little Gale Gumbo Cafe. When Camille met Ben Haskell, a divorced local, and her daughters met his teenage son, Matthew, they knew that they had found a new home–and perhaps even a new family.

Today Dahlia’s free-spirited behavior is the stuff of legend on Little Gale, and Josie has grown up to become the island’s resident keeper of Creole traditions. But when a mysterious accident leaves Ben fighting for his life, the sisters must do everything in their power to protect and care for the man who has been more of a father to them than their real father ever was.

As a long-brewing storm of family conflict begins to break, Dahlia and Josie call Matthew home. Coming together in this time of crisis, they also must confront long held secrets and unrequited loves that will test the limits–and definition–of family.

20 thoughts on “Our Little Gale Gumbo

  1. erikamarks

    Teri, I am speechless. And quite teary. But most of all, I am so moved. Thank you, my dear.

    I hope you know that sharing this with you and all the wonderful women (hope I’m not leaving out any gents, apologies if I do!) of the group here IS my celebration. It just seems hard to believe we can’t somehow slip through our screens and sit around over bowls of gumbo together this very minute.

    So until I can deliver in person, I’m sending you a very warm, very grateful virtual hug.

  2. Averil Dean

    I’ll read it with you, Teri, and then we can hammer Erika with questions.

    I know we’re all raising a spoon to you, Erika, and we’re thrilled for your success. It really is wonderful when good things happen to the people who deserve them.

  3. lizisilver

    Teri, Art of Fielding will have to wait a little longer so I can get to Little Gale Gumbo first. Clinking spoons and on my way now to purchase…

  4. Deb

    Love gumbo and can’t wait to read this book! I have planned an actual field trip out to the brick and mortar bookstore to mark the occassion. A heartfelt congratulations, Erika!

    ps- I am game to read it together with you Teri and Averil. That sounds really fun.

  5. Teri

    Erika, you and Laura are our big stars this Fall. I can’t wait to read your books so I can see who I’m giving them to for Christmas.

    What did you do to celebrate yesterday’s release? You know we’re a bunch of nosy broads.

    1. erikamarks

      Oh, Teri. You all would be so horribly disappointed in me…I waited till my husband and kiddos got home (we’re a one-car gang) and then we went out to the local B&N to see it on the new release table (RIGHT next to Nelson Mandela’s paperback, with a foreward by my beloved Obama!!–I will post pictures, I promise) and then to the grocery store for candy–then back home. I’m still picking licorice out of my teeth. Oh, but the girls were so excited…

      And.Laura! Yes, yes, yes!!!

      1. Teri

        I’m not disappointed in the least! Girlfriend, your book — YOUR BOOK! — is on the new release table. And it’s going to sell. (please notice the show of restraint, as I want to use a box-full of exclamation points!!) This is all so exciting, Erika. Go ahead and put yourself into that licorice sugar coma, you’ve earned it.

  6. macdougalstreetbaby

    Oooh, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this. I’m so excited, I can hardly sit still.

  7. Lyra

    AHHHHH! On. The. New. Release. Table.

    Wow. Erika, congratulations! I had to order mine online as I’m going to Nashville this weekend and wanted to get it in time (had no time for the store).

    Now we just need a plan to get all of these books signed…road trip, ladies?

  8. erikamarks

    Laura, you’re next, yes?!!!

    And ladies, at our B&N I was not only UNDER Ricky Martin and Russell Brand but also RIGHT BESIDE Nelson Mandela!! (Yeah, I’ve been waiting several days to post that shameless sentence. I knew you ladies would approve!)

    And I have picture proof!

  9. amyg

    how did i miss this post?

    while picking up my Art of Fielding at Carmichael’s yesterday, i asked my favorite independent book store manager (the store’s independent, not the manager. although, that’s probably not true. she’s probably very independent.)

    anyhoo, i had her order my copy. i want to take a picture of it on the display table.

    way to spread the love.

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