A writer took her Labrador puppy for a walk in the park across the street.  They were about to head home when a woman and her horse Great Dane wandered over and asked if they could meet the little one.


Oooooh, how old’s your baby?

This is JoJo, she’s 4 months.  Yours?

This is Boomer, he’s my 3 year old gentle giant. 

(the dogs tumbled and played, 26 lbs vs. 140)

Have you always had Great Danes?

God no.  He’s actually my very first dog!  My dad died 3 years ago, and he’d always loved Great Danes.  I got Boomer as a way to honor him.  

For your first dog.  Wow, you’re brave.

Nah.  I just figured if I was going to do it, I might as well go big.  What the heck, right?


The writer walked her puppy home, opened her manuscript and read through some of the dull parts.  She spent the rest of the day wondering what “going big” might mean.