Beauty Queen

JoJo is 5 months old this week.  Time for me to start Cesar Millan’s next book on hell-raising puppy-training…

My JoJo is a hoss of a baby girl, all muscles and giant feet.  And she’s pretty sure her real name is Beauty Queen, since that’s how I call her for mealtimes.  “Here Beauty Queen!  Are you hungry?”

Well duh, she must think.  I’m a lab.  I’m always hungry!

Did anyone see this bit the other day about a black lab puppy riding (and surviving) atop of a moving train?  Her new family has named her Boxy.

Or how about this video of the Golden Retriever welcoming her military mom home from Afghanistan?  Beautiful, for sure.

16 thoughts on “Beauty Queen

  1. Averil Dean

    Goodness, is she a pretty girl. Those eyes!

    I had to watch the video with the sound down because I’m at work. Can’t wait to hear the soundtrack with it.

  2. macdougalstreetbaby

    That’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day! Thank you! Your JoJo has ears like a pup my mom used to have. Gosh, she loved him so.

  3. Laura

    JoJo’s face gets me every single time! I like your nickname for her. Through a serious of increasingly crazy nickname progressions, I’ve lately been calling Cirrus “Quiznos” and Saucy “Sizzny.” At least “Beauty Queen” sounds like it’s coming from a sane person…

    As much as I love that dog-woman reunion, I think I love the fact that one of her family members/friends made that sign from the dog’s POV. So awesome. As Lyra would say: Love!

  4. erikamarks

    Oh, JoJo! What a precious face!! Good for you for starting in on the training. Olive is the boss of me and there was never any changing that, try as my husband did when we married…

    As I write this I’m thinking on today’s wonderful meetup in Chicago and knowing we are all anxious to hear all the glorious details, and crossing fingers for pictures!

  5. Averil Dean

    Teri! Thank you, thank you for the treat I found in my mailbox this morning. I LOVE it. I’ll probably be buried in it, with my cold dead hand still clutching my unfinished pages.

    I ❤ our blog circle.

    1. Teri Post author

      She was. I know I was! I could hardly stand the ride home from the airport and I thought I was going to rip the house keys out of Rex’s hand — he wasn’t getting in the door quite fast enough.

      I’m lost without my dogs.

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