The Mill River Recluse

This weekend I’m reading Darcie Chan’s THE MILL RIVER RECLUSE.

On my iPad.

And you know I don’t like reading on my iPad.

But I came across this article about Ms. Chan and her book and I was hooked.  After years of trying, unsuccessfully, to get her first novel into the mainstream world of publishing, she’s now sold 400,000 self-published copies.  In today’s New York Times Book Review, THE MILL RIVER RECLUSE is #23 on their e-book best sellers list.

iPad reading or not, I’m enjoying this story a great deal.  Click on the book’s cover above to get your copy.  I promise it will be worth every penny of your 99 cents, and then some.

Click here for Darcie Chan’s website.  You can find her RedRoom interview here.

7 thoughts on “The Mill River Recluse

  1. macdougalstreetbaby

    Ooooh, this sounds fabulous. I love how unemotional she is about the whole process and yet brimming with confidence. Sounds to me like she traveled this entire path perfectly.

  2. Laura Maylene

    I saw this article, too. But since I am still without a Kindle or iPad or anything else “not in the stone age,” I won’t be reading it right now. Also — and this totally reveals my prejudices — but when I heard about her book and its publishing journey, I kind of assumed it probably wouldn’t be my cup of tea (even though I was pleased she had such a Cinderella publishing experience). Isn’t that terrible and close-minded? It’s probably partially because I don’t have a Kindle and therefore haven’t really checked out any of those 99-cent self-published phenomenons.

    1. Teri

      Not close minded at all. Realistic! So many books, so little time, and all that ….

      This is my first in the 99 cents group. And I literally hate reading on the back-lighted iPad. But I’m enjoying the story and trying to overlook the medium.

      One of the reasons given for publishers not being interested in this book is that they couldn’t categorize it. I would put it clearly in Women’s Fiction. That said, I’m only through about 1/3 of the book, so what do I know.

      It’s a nice story about a small town and it’s inhabitants. Some quiet reading to take me away from all of the dark books I’ve been thumbing through ….

  3. Averil Dean

    Stories like this really make you stop and think about self-publishing as a viable option, if you’re smart enough to understand how to DIY the marketing. And honestly, my e-publisher did nothing for me other than provide a free copy editor. No marketing, no support. I could have done much better on my own.

    I may give this one a try once my TBR stack dwindles. I’m deep into the new Anthony Bourdain, MEDIUM RAW. He’s hilarious and dark, dishing all about the restaurant industry (again). Love it.

  4. Catherine

    Very interesting interview with Darcie Chan and it is good to hear there are viable channels expanding to publish work. I also love the Cindarella aspect but I’m sorry I’m still with Laura, I love a chunky novel in my hands.

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