What do your books, and how you toss them about, say about you?

I love a challenge and Lyra threw this one down: take a picture of your shelves and think about what they might say about you, the genesis for which came from The Paris Review‘s “Shelf-Conscious” article.  I picked our living room shelf because it’s most visible to passers-by.  I took the above photo at eye level.

The first thing that comes to mind:  Neat.  Freak.  *sigh*  When my daughter was in high school, her boyfriend said he couldn’t get off the couch without me fluffing his pillow.  He had (has?) a point.  I blame it on the dogs —- maybe if our bookshelves are tidy and the pillows fluffed no one will notice the floating tumbleweeds of dog hair?

We sort by genre:  Fiction, General Nonfiction, Politics, Memoir, Biography, French, The Classics, The Holocaust, WWII, The Civil War, Funk & Wagnalls, First Editions, Sports, Poetry, Writing, Short Stories, Mysteries/Thrillers, New-and-Waiting-To-Be-Read.

We are our own used book store.

When our kids still lived at home, they’d head out on a Friday night and there we’d be, their parents, lamps on, a glass of wine on the end table, noses in our books.  “You guys are so exciting!” they’d laugh.  Now they’re all grown up.  And when they come to visit, guess who’s nose is in a book while dad manages the dogs and mom keeps them fed.

We are a family of book nuts nerds wackos lovers.

Bookshelves flank all 4 walls of our dining room.  It’s colorful.  It’s noise-absorbing.  And anytime somebody comes for supper there’s stuff all around us to talk about.  People often leave this house with a borrowed book.

Looking at the 2 shelves in this photo, I see all of the books I haven’t read.  Somebody should shut down my Amazon.com account until I read these books.  I mean, come on.  I bought THE MARCH and RAGTIME right after I saw E.L. Doctorow — last year.  And why aren’t they shelved next to each other?  Maybe I’m not as organized as I think I am????

Hahahaha! says my daughter’s old boyfriend from afar.  Fluff that pillow.

What do you see?