From The Paris Review Interviews, Volume III

— introduction by Margaret Atwood

“Why am I doing such an eccentric thing as writing?  Is it just undigested neurosis?  Why spend all day in a room, in the company of a bunch of people who don’t really exist?  What good does it do the world?  Is it unhealthy?  Why waste the paper?  Every writer has such thoughts from time to time, and to know that others have had them too is reassuring:  I am not the only one who as viewed the page with loathing.”  (p. xi)

“And there are rewards and pleasures too, the moments of glee, the consciousness of a job well done: for the writing life has its joys as well as its sorrows.  If not, why would anyone do it?”  (p. xii)


For the next few weeks, I’m turning the WiFi off-off-off and hunkering down.  See you in April.

Happy reading and writing everyone.