Searching, Searching …

It’s endlessly fascinating to me how people find this blog.  So let’s have some fun, shall we.  We’re talking “search terms.”  I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.

alternative uses for soap

sexy feet

swan cleaning

i like spiders

jem and scout

what to wear to Auschwitz

beautiful puppy

novel anxiety

skinny hot blonde

instant oatmeal packets

bedroom pictures of 17 yr old


But my big running theme?  All manner of sad females:  sad lady in bed, sad girl driving, sad girl in winter, sad girls on road, sad girl saying sorry, girls being sad and dark, lonesome girl, middle year sad girl…

Maybe the skinny hot blonde is sad and hungry, anxious about using alternative soap to clean her sexy swan in the bedroom?


31 thoughts on “Searching, Searching …

  1. jess

    My favorite search terms that have brought people to Coming of Age in the Middle include “naked writer in a cave” “the wrath of achilles & rabbit pee” and today’s newest addition: “latin butt.”

  2. Sarah W

    Maybe the skinny hot blonde is sad and hungry, anxious about using alternative soap to clean her sexy swan in the bedroom?

    Well . . . that’s a novel anxiety! 🙂

  3. CJ

    Keywords on Tumblr are searchable and have brought a few readers. conjurers, magic, mothers, daughters, sex, books, lit, and revenge seem to be the sticky ones. I started in November and I now have 16 followers there, all ages and all continents. It gives me hope.

      1. CJ

        Are WordPress keywords auto generated from your posts or do you keyword? tumblr’s are all created as tags by the poster.

      2. Teri Post author

        I used to manually tag my posts, but gave it up long long ago. And most of these search terms are from the last few months…

  4. lisahgolden

    What? No sad girls being sad?

    “what to wear to Auschwitz” would make an interesting title for a novel.

    The search term that comes up most often at my place is “high-functioning sociopath.” The world we live in!

    1. Teri Post author

      I remember I was particularly worried about what I wore. It took up an entire paragraph in an essay — the clothes and my anxiety about said clothes.

      1. lisahgolden

        It’s something I hadn’t thought of, but I can see the conundrum. You don’t want to look sloppy or frivolous. You know me, I’d wear black.

      2. Teri Post author

        It’s something you panic about as you’re getting dressed and looking in your badly packed luggage. Oh dear. Oh no no no.

  5. LauraMaylene

    “What to wear to Auschwitz” actually seems kind of touching…I’m picturing some nervous, neurotic person wanting to do right and be respectful during her visit and falling into an emotional tailspin over concerns about wearing something inappropriate. These are my people.

  6. girl in the hat

    Oooh. I like spiders, too. Do you really like them too or was that some random, unexplainable connection? I ask because people keep finding me when they’re looking for “girl with a toaster up her butt.” I vacillate between outrage and curiosity for who is looking for that. Scaryfunny to think that if you look for a girl with a toaster up her butt, you’ll find me.

  7. Lyra

    Who googles “skinny hot blonde”? I mean, come on, of all the interesting fetishes, that’s the best they could do? Unless she was cleaning her sexy swan feet. Now we’re talking.

    1. Teri Post author

      And I’m such a skinny blonde myself. Yes. Totally weird. I’m all for the swan feet — maybe my next book, a NOVEL, will come from this kind of crazy input??

  8. macdougalstreetbaby

    “What to wear to Auschwitz.”
    Please tell us you’re going to use that as a title at some point. It’s really good. That’s the kind of title that’ll get you through any door.

    1. Teri Post author

      What a great title this would be! And then I think about all the Jewish people I would offend. It’s such a fine line. Me, the atheist who grew up Catholic (kinda sorta) with a fascination with Jewish history and WWII. Sometimes this doesn’t go over so well.

      1. Teri Post author

        And how I hate the squishiness of it all. I have the same issue when I write about racial issues. If I were a brave writer, I’d just do it and take the feedback, right? Maybe I need to grow my balls and get in the game. I mean really.

      2. macdougalstreetbaby

        You’d certainly need serious substance to justify a title like that but if there’s anyone who could do it, it’s you.

  9. erikamarks

    Instant oatmeal packets?? How did I miss THAT post, my dear? Yeesh.

    Okay, mine were all perfectly reasonable and then I saw “worm picker”

    I will now be spending the remainder of this night searching furiously through my old posts for which post drew this search. Oy.

  10. Catherine

    I recently did a post about the rise of mummy/mommy porn so I guess I was asking for it. But others that cropped up this week –
    Porn art sculptures Italy
    Tall woman porn

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