A realtor friend says:  “Homebuyers are subconsciously looking for the neighborhood where they were happiest as a child.”

Tell me about your neighborhood.  Then, now, or combined.


1.  Sidewalks lined with giant oak trees, gravel driveways sprouting weeds, porch swings, laundry on the line, a drug store with the right comic books in the rack.

2.  Sixth grade.  I was the lunch hour tetherball champion.  Diagramming sentences was my kind of math!

3.  This boy and his TV show got me through 1978 and a long bout with mono.  (oy, those dance moves!)

4.  Dilly bars.  Hot tamales from a can.   Salted watermelon.  Butter lettuce.

5.  Old Mother Hubbard did not live in a shoe.  Mrs. Hubbard lived next door, and she chewed Red Man.

6.  A jumble of roses.  If only they were yellow.

7.  Someone had the nerve to buy Boo Radley’s house.  Looks like they’ll be ruining it fixing it up.