Maybe you like Mary Karr.  Roseanne Cash?  How about Emmylou Harris or Lucinda Williams or Norah Jones?

I think this pretty much covers it.


I’ve been listening to “Kin” all day long.  Here’s an article about how the album came to be, from The Atlantic.

10 thoughts on “Kin

  1. Josephine

    “I think this pretty much COVERS it” well played.

    i was just reading an article about roseanne cash today and remembering an author event of hers i attended not so long ago. she is so worth listening to–singing or talking or reading from her memoir.

    (…as if ignoring a CD whose creation story ran in The Atlantic is even an option!)

      1. Josephine

        i’m willing to bet each of those artist would call it an album too. i like kris kristopherson sandwiched between roseanne and emmy lou–so much so that it makes me giggle.

      2. Erika Marks

        Josey, I loved her memoir too–savored it, really. I’m sure I gushed to you, Teri, at some point about it.

        So many people on this list I adore. Looks like I’ll be getting my hands on this in 3…2…

      3. Les

        I’m still trying to break myself of saying, “record store.”

        And what a great lineup! Will definitely check it out…L.

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