I forget who it was, the literary fiction writer I went to see who talked about the brilliant John Banville —  award-winning author of THE SEA, THE SEA —- writing under the pen name of Benjamin Black.

Writing crime fiction.

Writing thrillers.

See what can happen when you change your name?

If you’re looking for a taut, edgy, darkdarkdark, first-class thriller, with a literary bent, this is it.  I’m not very far into reading this story — and I don’t want to give anything away — but I will say the paperback I’m holding in my hands is awfully hard to put down.

The New York Times calls this book, “Swirling, elegant noir … Crossover fiction of a very high order …. Rolls forward with haunting, sultry exoticism.”

The Philadelphia Enquirer says, “What’s scariest about CHRISTINE FALLS is the atmosphere of moral claustrophobia enveloping it.”

Moral claustrophobia?  Yes!

And if you want to read something really fun, click here and head over to John Banville’s Benjamin Black’s website, wherein Mr. Black and Mr. Banville finally (ahem) meet and have a chat about this book.

Smart/clever/charming is so damned sexy.


P.S.  I received many fabulous birthday cards this weekend, but I must share this.  Thank you, AmyG.  Surely I’m not alone?