What’s your favorite word … to say out loud?  Spackle

What words that aren’t real words make you absolutely nuts?  Irregardless.  Supposably.

Text messaging shorthand you’d like to outlaw?  Cuz.  Followed closely by U.

Headline you no longer take seriously:  Breaking News!

Favorite new word:  Eastwooding – to talk to an empty chair in a nonsensical manner.  (Thank you, Republican National Convention!)

Most overused word in books you’ve read lately?  Punctuate.  As in, the slam of the car door punctuated the silence.  As in, the view was clear but for big white house punctuating the landscape.  Punctuate, punctuate, punctuate.

Favorite character name?  Paris Trout

Most tired description used in stories?  Teeth that look like chiclets or picket fence posts.

Books you refuse to buy anymore based on the laziness of the title?  Any book with Daughter, Son, or Wife on the cover.  Come on people.

Novel title that finally grew on you:  No Country For Old Men

And finally ….

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

All of your favorite writers are in the library on the beach.  The bar is stocked, the coffee is strong, and the chef cooks to order.


What do you have for James Lipton Will Ferrell?