Word Up


What’s your favorite word … to say out loud?  Spackle

What words that aren’t real words make you absolutely nuts?  Irregardless.  Supposably.

Text messaging shorthand you’d like to outlaw?  Cuz.  Followed closely by U.

Headline you no longer take seriously:  Breaking News!

Favorite new word:  Eastwooding – to talk to an empty chair in a nonsensical manner.  (Thank you, Republican National Convention!)

Most overused word in books you’ve read lately?  Punctuate.  As in, the slam of the car door punctuated the silence.  As in, the view was clear but for big white house punctuating the landscape.  Punctuate, punctuate, punctuate.

Favorite character name?  Paris Trout

Most tired description used in stories?  Teeth that look like chiclets or picket fence posts.

Books you refuse to buy anymore based on the laziness of the title?  Any book with Daughter, Son, or Wife on the cover.  Come on people.

Novel title that finally grew on you:  No Country For Old Men

And finally ….

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

All of your favorite writers are in the library on the beach.  The bar is stocked, the coffee is strong, and the chef cooks to order.


What do you have for James Lipton Will Ferrell?


21 thoughts on “Word Up

    1. Teri Post author

      I’m thinking more like THE PARIS WIFE or THE TIGER’S WIFE, etc… All that material, historical richness and foreign lands, and these were the best options? I’d love to see the list of possibilities.

      I’m trying to imagine a book like BELOVED called “Sethe’s Daughter.” No way.

      And Jody, your mother is a subtitle. Not the same….

  1. Sarah W

    I would outlaw all text messaging shortcuts, except symbols like @ and &. My nephew’s shortcuts make me clench my jaw . . .

    Tuesday Next remains my favorite character name.

    I changed the title of my drawer novel from Daughter Of to Full Metal Librarian. I’m thinking it was a good move . . .

    I’m with you on heaven’s welcome speech, except I’d kind of like to see my cats, too, if they haven’t been recycled back, yet.

    1. Teri Post author

      Tuesday Next! And Full Metal Librarian is an awesome title.

      All of my dogs are at the beach library. Of course they are. It’s a given.

    2. Teri Post author

      And let me clarify … all daugther/son/wife titles are not bad. DAUGHTER OF FORTUNE for example. Appropriate title for that story. It’s just that there are way too many now, and I feel like I’m being manipulated.

  2. Jennine G.

    Ahhh! I just read a description of teeth using chiclets! (Mennonite in a Little Black Dress)

    I hate “ur” for your or you’re, even though I’m guilty of using it, I cringe when I do.

    Don’t know my favorite character name, but the first one that came to mind when I read it was Eden Close.

    And I LOVE the heavenly welcome speech – especially with the dog assumption.

    1. Josephine

      speaking of titles–did she ever even wear a black dress in that book??? i read it a few years back and that still sticks with me–not ever remembering her actually wearing a black dress.

    2. Jennine G.

      Nope, no black dress yet…I’m almost finished. Oh and I rearranged my bookshelves today…found another “wife” title. The Time Traveler’s Wife…what do ya think?

    1. Teri Post author

      I’m glad I listed character names. I’ve been looking these up all day —- you are all giving me names I’ve never heard of. Thank you!

      Literally. Hahahahaha…

      1. Teri Post author

        Yes. Source as a verb! And I’m not even apologizing for this, but TWEET, as in I tweeted blah blah blah. I know there are uses for tweeting. I’m even sure that if I ever have a book out in my lifetime, I’ll be “tweeting.” But when people say, I tweeted, I hear, I farted. No joke. My mind is a 9 yr old boy. It’s true. It’s painful.

  3. macdougalstreetbaby

    “Flotsam” seems to be floating to the surface of a lot of the books I’ve been reading.
    I’m enjoying the name “Tinker Grey.”
    And I’ve always loved the word “goggle.”

    1. Teri Post author

      I can’t wait to read about Tinker Grey. That book is next in my stack.

      Flotsam is such a strange-sounding word, too, isn’t it.

  4. Josephine

    i do not like the word cargo. it’s the hard c and g together. it’s like nails on a blackboard to me.

    our local news channel is constantly promoting, “Late breaking news!” and I always think, “…doesn’t that mean you’re breaking news late? Shouldn’t you be breaking it first? Early?”

    you know what i love? when words work. like, how freaking great is it that the girl band who protested lack of rights in a church, no less, were called pussy riot. that is…so perfect (all the levels of riot??) in a cemetery i visit often, there is a headstone for a women who lived many years before me with an engraving, “while on this earth, i planted many seeds, now the earth planteth me.” her name? Flora. again, perfect, right??!

    if heaven exists, i’d like to hear, “did you know you’re always a size 8 up here? it’s great every pair of jeans you try on make you have a 22 year old’s ass.” (it’s just where (wear?-see?!) I am right now.

    my favorite character name is howard roark. (i wanted to name our son roark, but my husband would not hear of it.)

    1. Teri Post author

      We have a book by Robert Ruark called USE ENOUGH GUN. One of my favorite titles.

      And just like the fact that my dogs WILL be in that beach-library when I arrive, we will all be our skinny selves. With the perfect haircut, of course.

    2. Jennine G.

      Yes! I love that too – especially when a phrase from one writing is found in another – most often as a title. And I love irony in words. I rearranged my bookshelf into genres today and took delight in the irony of placing my Narnia series next to Twilight…just because I’ve heard Twilight berated and Narnia praised in a church setting.

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