Finally.  Tonight, we have the first presidential debate.  I’ll be watching it like I’d watch a car spinning down an icy road, eyes half-shuttered, waiting for an impact that may or may not come.

I read this article in The New York Times and found out these 2 men have not been on a stage together in 8 years.  Funny, it seems like this election season has lasted about 8 years.

The two men may spend considerable time talking and thinking about each other, but they know each other only from afar. They have not appeared on the same stage in nearly eight years, when they both spoke at the winter Gridiron Dinner in 2004, a white-tie gathering that is a staple on the social calendar of official Washington.

While advisers to Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney said that the two men seem to have little genuine appreciation for each other, it is unlikely their true feelings will be on display.

What?  We’ve waited 8 years and there will be no true feelings??  Since there’s really no point, maybe they could just cuddle up like these 2 warriors and call it a day.