Cuddle Up

Finally.  Tonight, we have the first presidential debate.  I’ll be watching it like I’d watch a car spinning down an icy road, eyes half-shuttered, waiting for an impact that may or may not come.

I read this article in The New York Times and found out these 2 men have not been on a stage together in 8 years.  Funny, it seems like this election season has lasted about 8 years.

The two men may spend considerable time talking and thinking about each other, but they know each other only from afar. They have not appeared on the same stage in nearly eight years, when they both spoke at the winter Gridiron Dinner in 2004, a white-tie gathering that is a staple on the social calendar of official Washington.

While advisers to Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney said that the two men seem to have little genuine appreciation for each other, it is unlikely their true feelings will be on display.

What?  We’ve waited 8 years and there will be no true feelings??  Since there’s really no point, maybe they could just cuddle up like these 2 warriors and call it a day.

26 thoughts on “Cuddle Up

  1. Erika Marks

    Oh, am I swooning. Those two. As much as I could watch our wonderful president talk for hours on just about anything and be riveted, I might just this once opt to snuggle up to that match right there instead. The paw on the nose. Is there anything sweeter???

    1. Teri Post author

      This is all a ploy. But don’t let me fool you —- just before this photo was taken they were probably chasing each other through the house, moving my furniture around. I spend a lot of time putting chairs back where they belong….

  2. LauraMaylene

    The politics make me want to puke a little, but the dogs make it all better. I have other plans tonight and won’t be watching — I plan to catch up tomorrow.

    1. Teri Post author

      I doubt you’ll miss anything. I mean really, what’s to miss? And just like your Cirrus and Saucy, the dogs make all days better.

  3. Averil Dean

    I have to watch the debate with my son, as part of his homework assignment. Drew and I have spent years brainwashing the kid with our liberal ideology, now it’s time for him to show me that all those talks about politics have not been in vain. It’s like an exam tonight at our house.

    1. Teri

      Good luck Averil. And by the by, I’m reading your favorite ABSENT IN SPRING —- and I see where Averil comes from. 😉

  4. Jennine G.

    I steer clear of this stuff…I can’t even handle the politics that go on in a local union! I have no interest in it at all, as one side is as useless as the other. No candidate ever comes close to delivering their promises or doing much good for anyone. In the end, self-serving greed wins the day and only those up on top benefit. (No offense to anyone who is interested at all, just tired of it all, on top of the fact that my thought processes are not politically inclined.)

    The dogs on the other hand are totally me and I will definitely be cuddled up with my two later!

  5. Paul Lamb

    I’m going to cuddle with a new book (Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner) rather than watch the debate. I’m guided far more by my political leaning than by any individual candidate and his/her specific performance in such a phony venue. I used to be in one of the two major parties. Now I’m in the other. I think I’ll stay there — and keep reading good books.

    1. Teri

      Happy reading Paul. I’ll be reading, too — a book recommended by our Averil. The circle goes ’round and ’round….

    2. Jennine G.

      Paul, I think you’ve just defined what I feel about it. I have certain leanings that claim my vote, so individuals campaigning don’t matter. Thank you for putting that in a way I could grasp! Lol

  6. Josephine

    we got less than 10 minutes to go and i am so excited i can barely stand it. if i wasn’t so stuffed from dinner i’d pop popcorn and make coke floats. i loooooooooooove this stuff. i love the rachel maddow preshow. i love the twitter trends during. i love chris matthews afterward and stewart and colbert tomorrow night.

    most of all, i love President Barrack Obama. and Michelle. I may love Michelle more. How about those destinies? i like thinking about past lives and lifelong experiences and who are to one another now and who we may have been and then consider what brought them to this place in time, across the generations, across the stars.

    i know; i’m a mess.

    1. Teri

      They just started! It’s like a sporting event. (And yes, even as I write that sentence I feel how sad it is, that gaining the presidency in this country has become like a sport. A very expensive, cruel sport.)

      1. Averil Dean

        Yes he was. Such a smart guy, and one of the few who’s always got a thoughtful answer with enough snap to stand up the the other side’s bullshit.

        The debate was disappointing, yeah? Maybe we should have sent Chris Matthews up to the podium.

  7. macdougalstreetbaby

    I was looking so forward to last night and within the first 5 minutes I was annoyed. I tried staying present but I couldn’t do it. Fell asleep by 9:30. Maybe, if Jon Stewart were moderating, I would have been more inspired.

    1. Teri

      I was also irritated. Why? Because they both irritated me. I watched the whole thing and then went to bed with a sore jaw from all the teeth-clenching I was doing.

  8. Deb

    They aired the debate HERE. Can you imagine? I’m an American, so I went online to watch, but why would Finns want to? One report I saw said Mitt won…

    ps – the customs people are still being poops. i think they want them for themselves!

  9. Catherine

    I find these things sooo unnerving. I read about it the day after. It’s hard to grasp public sentiment from here, news is so pre-packaged by the press.

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