Pens … for Girls

I hope I can make it to Office Depot tonight to get mine before they sell out.



* I dedicate the posting of this video to all the Richard Mourdocks out there.  Look out, boys.  We’ve got pens.  And we vote.


15 thoughts on “Pens … for Girls

  1. Josephine

    they do, however, work just as effectively as the male pens when you want to stab your attacker in the throat or eye should they think that it’s god’s will they get to do what they want with you.

  2. Sarah W

    So I’ve really been experiencing penhis envy all this time?

    Didn’t Bic learn their lesson with those pink shavers that were identical to the yellow ones except for color and the price tag?

    Never mind…

    1. Teri Post author

      Penhis envy!!! Ha!

      And doesn’t everything we do cost double? Hair cut, dry cleaning, etc…. why would a pen be any different?

      1. Jennine G.

        Yes! I get my hair cut once a month and every time the same guy is finishing up as I come in. My hair is the same length as his – I pay $20 and he pays $10! What the hell?

  3. Deb

    Do you think Finnish customs would take all my she pens if you sent me a box?

    Still giggling over penhis envy!

    1. Teri Post author

      Finnish customs would have never, never let those She Pens get through. Pens for women are basically weapons not-so-well disguised.

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