Time Change

Things I learned this election season:

1.  I’d rather read Little House on the Prairie than watch/listen to one more screaming pundit tell me what they think.  It’s too much. On both sides.

2.  I miss baseball.  I have not missed baseball since 1992.

3.  Social media is not a place to discuss politics.  Period.  Real beliefs cannot be reduced to sound bites.

4.  Vann Jones is hot.

5.  If you post something on Facebook, you’re asking for it.  Even if it’s just a picture of your dog.

6.  A lengthy discussion of most-tweeted hash tags adds zero to the conversation.  Can somebody please turn off the Twitter?

7.  I don’t like to talk about politics.  Who knew!  I would rather read the news and the well-written, thoughtful Opinion Columns by professional writers.  Then, ponder.  All by myself.

8.  I love living in California, where I voted by mail.  A month ago.  If I lived in Florida and had to stand in line, in the hot sun, for 4 hours, I’d be pissed.  How is that system still in place??

9.  Vann Jones is hot.  Did I mention that?

10.  I appreciate my conservative friends who refuse to treat me like I’ve fallen and hit my head.  You know who you are, and I thank you.

What did you learn?


15 thoughts on “Time Change

  1. Josephine

    that our country is not on the fringe
    that when you use rhetoric to defend rape, the people most likely to be (or who have been) raped won’t vote for you (GO DONNELLY!!!!)
    that the racist component of my hometown is not a true reflection of our country at large (i cried more than once last night, but the time my husband finally turned to me and said, “Really?” was when i started blubbering just after they gave Ohio to our president and then jumped to a commercial for Spielberg’s Lincoln. I know I was reacting exactly how the advertisers would have wanted, but I couldn’t help it.)
    that if i could work for anybody in the world, i would choose plouffe, gibbs, and axelrod. holy shit, they are fucking rock stars.

    1. Teri

      Yes. That this really is a country in the center-ish. If you scream and yell from the far sides, people will stop listening. Just like real life.

  2. Averil Dean

    1. Rachel Maddow, like Olberman before her, is working my very last nerve. Even though I agree with her on almost everything.

    2. I love living in bright blue Oregon, though it warms my heart to see Nevada going again for Obama.

    3. Legal pot is a short drive away. (!)

    4. I’m not missing anything by refusing to watch the news.

    5. Van Jones is hot.

    1. Teri

      As much as I hate that it’s true, it is. Rachel screaming just becomes the same blah blah blah as the rest.

      And thank god for the comics, for the people who can show us when we’re being ridiculous and also make us laugh. Jon Steward, Colbert, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, etc….

  3. bonnie middlebrook

    I’ve been reading and enjoying your posts for the past few weeks. I’ve read, and thoroughly enjoyed (except the ending), of Yellow Birds. I have no idea who Van Jones is…ugh!! I’m so uninformed.

    I totally agree with you about politics and social media. Nothing makes me seethe more than seeing/hearing it all day and then sitting back to enjoy some FB and having to see/read more!

    I’ve learned that you are really some kind of an amazing, intelligent and conscientious woman and I am looking forward to more of your writing and can not wait to read “the book” whenever you finish it!

    See you (hopefully)…soon!

    1. Teri

      Thanks, Bonnie. I was also sad about the end of The Yellow Birds. I didn’t want it to end that way! Then later, much later, I realized I didn’t like the ending because it was too true and ending for so many. Which made me so very sad.

  4. Pamela

    I agree, and yet, the celebrations on twitter are so fun, especially since I otherwise would have celebrated alone….because of the sleeping spouse. She’s so stable, so civilized and unruffled by it all. Also – I love #5. Very true.

    1. Teri

      Cheers Pamela!!! Last night was a fab night, it really was. That said, I am so TV’d-out …..

      And by Twitter, I specifically mean “Big Bird is being re-tweeted 30 million times!” The media can go on about this for hours. And, well, what does it MEAN?!?! Nada.

  5. Jennine G.

    Agreed on my disdain for talking politics and the use of social media for that purpose. Although I did jump into one conversation on FB last night where one co-worker was trying to argue with the other about her choice of vote (both them and myself being Christian, you can guess the direction of that discussion). Reminded me so much of your bully post Teri, I had to step in and post on her status why I, as a Christian who has always voted Republican, thought she had reasons to vote for Obama. I just couldn’t sit and read the comments and not say anything. They missed the total point of what she was posting in the first place – it was about her faith carrying her through.

    So, yes, tired of political talk, which is why I rarely do it. And I voted for other things, but not President this year. This year has done me in…I was truly stuck between the two.

  6. jpon

    I learned not to show up at the polls at exactly 7 am, because 100 other gotta get to workers will be there ahead of you.

    Later, I learned you can show up at 1:15 and walk right in.

    Still later, I learned that there really is a silent majority in the United States, and it’s made up primarily of people who wish the vocal whack-jobs would shut up and go away.

      1. jpon

        I wonder if more people knew how much Rush and Beck and their ilk were scamming off the common folk, if their popularity would fall. Maybe not though.

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