Things I learned this election season:

1.  I’d rather read Little House on the Prairie than watch/listen to one more screaming pundit tell me what they think.  It’s too much. On both sides.

2.  I miss baseball.  I have not missed baseball since 1992.

3.  Social media is not a place to discuss politics.  Period.  Real beliefs cannot be reduced to sound bites.

4.  Vann Jones is hot.

5.  If you post something on Facebook, you’re asking for it.  Even if it’s just a picture of your dog.

6.  A lengthy discussion of most-tweeted hash tags adds zero to the conversation.  Can somebody please turn off the Twitter?

7.  I don’t like to talk about politics.  Who knew!  I would rather read the news and the well-written, thoughtful Opinion Columns by professional writers.  Then, ponder.  All by myself.

8.  I love living in California, where I voted by mail.  A month ago.  If I lived in Florida and had to stand in line, in the hot sun, for 4 hours, I’d be pissed.  How is that system still in place??

9.  Vann Jones is hot.  Did I mention that?

10.  I appreciate my conservative friends who refuse to treat me like I’ve fallen and hit my head.  You know who you are, and I thank you.

What did you learn?