curious_george_takes_jobWhat is it about going to bed and turning off the light that shifts the writer’s monkey brain into gear?

I have the flu (yes, I had a flu shot, the bastard) but I can’t blame my stopped up head or the buzzy drugs for waking up in the night with full-on sentences and the proper order of story lines.  This is one of those regular occurrences that I wish I could bottle up and save for daylight.  Last night there were so many I (twice) had to bypass the pen and paper by the bed, get to the laptop, blind myself with the too-bright screen, and send emails to myself.

But will any of it make sense in the morning?  I’m afraid to open my inbox and find out.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m reading when I’m up and awake in the night, neither of which will lull you back to sleep.