There’s a new sheriff here in Carter Library.


For those of you who haven’t heard, we’ve  adopted Annie, a “senior” chocolate lab from Labrador Retriever Rescue.  Annie’s family wanted to put her to sleep because their kids had “outgrown her” and they’d banished her — a lifetime house dog — to the backyard with a shock collar.  The owner’s sister said she just hated seeing a great dog like Annie treated this way and talked them into surrendering her to Lab Rescue.

Annie is 11 years young, and so very mellow.  Nothing phases her, not even my other two labs running in circles and wrestling like the maniacs playful angels they are!   Annie loves people and dogs and kids and even cats.  Her favorite thing in the world is to drag me out of this library for a walk around her new neighborhood.  Then it’s back home for a long, comfy nap under the bookshelves.  You hardly know she’s here.

Well, you hardly know she’s here unless you’re in the kitchen.  Annie is a bit of a foodie — can’t fault her there! — so if I’m making a sandwich I have this very attentive, full-house audience.


My toy-obsessed-lunatics sweet dogs got along with Annie right from the start.  In fact my older lab, Lea, happily shares her bed with Annie at night.  Welcome to your forever home, Dreamboat ….