JoJo could teach a class in "Focus."

JoJo, you could teach a class in “Focus.”


Between the blogs, the dogs, the jogs — oh, and that memoir I’m trying to finish — it’s time I escape these inter-webs.  I’ve got exactly 3 months before I head back to New Haven for my next writing conference, and I’m set on finishing this fucker and arriving there with a completed manuscript.

Unlike Kimmy here, I know just what to do with myself — thank god it doesn’t involve a sweater set, a rowdy crowd, or a microphone.

Happy reading and writing everybody.  I’m outta here!

9 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Lyra

    Get this thing done, my friend. As much as I love your blog, I’d much rather read your book and if this gets you there, go get you some. xoxo.

  2. Catherine

    What a beautiful gaze. I wish I had a deadline ahead to finish the revisions of my new manuscript. That would really help. Good on you for being organised now FTF ! Ciao cat

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