Yes, it’s WILD again.

wild coverI’m breaking back into my blog because this week my book club will be discussing my favorite book of 2012.  I reread it for this occasion, and all I can say is that I loved WILD even more the second time around, though I did have to skip the section about the horse.  My heart couldn’t take it a second time, that’s true enough, but I also wanted to remember Cheryl and her brother and Lady exactly as I did the first time, when I had no idea what was coming.

So …. the book club.  They better love it, right?  They just better.  Because you know how when you love a book, I mean really love it, and someone tells you they don’t even like it, or don’t get it, or don’t see the point or, as sometimes happens with memoir  — gasp! — they don’t like the writer herself?

Oh man.  I’m bracing myself.

In the meantime, to distract myself, I found this list of things Cheryl left out of the book.  As someone who’s doing a lot of rewriting, editing, and cutting at the moment, I so appreciate this list.

And if you’re up for some inspiration on a Monday, here’s a video of Cheryl talking about her journey and about writing the book.  (Note to Writers:  If you don’t have time for the whole video, start it at the 20 minute mark.)


7 thoughts on “Yes, it’s WILD again.

  1. LauraMaylene

    Thanks for that excellent video. I smiled when she said people now tell her she can write whatever she wants now that she’s found success. Obviously, literary writers write what we most want no matter whether we’ve ever published or had Oprah call…we’d all be advertising copywriters and never write fiction otherwise.

    I can’t wait to read this book for a second time. (I too would skip the horse section. Just heart wrenching. I loved the later dream, though, where the horse appears with flowers…) I hope your book club loves it (though how couldn’t they?). Once I lent my copy of EVENING by Susan Minot to someone, thinking she’d love it as much as I did for the beautiful language, the complexity…but she didn’t. That kind of hurt, in a way.

    1. Teri Post author

      I also loved when she talked about not knowing what to say when people ask what you do. “I’m a writer” inevitably invites “where can I find your books?” Books. Plural. Then I tend to make some diversionary joke or excuse that sounds completely insecure and garbled ….

      I so understand about your love of EVENING. I’ve had a few people tell me they dislike Mary Karr’s books and that is, quite literally, a stab in my heart.

  2. Averil Dean

    I know exactly what you mean. It’s awful when someone doesn’t like a book I loved—it’s worse than if the book is something I wrote myself.

    I’m afraid for this book club meeting.

  3. Downith

    They just BETTER like the book, Teri.

    I too fear for this book club meeting. I’ll have to come back later and watch the video later but the 7 things that didn’t make it into the book was so interesting.

    I still haven’t read Wild. Can you believe it? But it’s on my list.

  4. Teri

    Update: This may have been the first book club ever where we all read the book, and we all liked the book. Some even loved the book. * whew * Though I did run into a woman yesterday afternoon (3 hours before said book club meeting) who said about WILD: “god I hated that book!” I guess this means there’s balance in the universe.

  5. sherrystanfastanley

    No surprise that I loved her story about saving the two kittens and being really upset that she couldn’t find a way to make that fit into the book. And boy, do I regret not finding a way to stick around to meet her at the conference in Chicago last year. I hadn’t yet read the book and didn’t know what I was missing. (Although meeting up with you and the others in our blog circle was so well worth the trip…)

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