wild coverI’m breaking back into my blog because this week my book club will be discussing my favorite book of 2012.  I reread it for this occasion, and all I can say is that I loved WILD even more the second time around, though I did have to skip the section about the horse.  My heart couldn’t take it a second time, that’s true enough, but I also wanted to remember Cheryl and her brother and Lady exactly as I did the first time, when I had no idea what was coming.

So …. the book club.  They better love it, right?  They just better.  Because you know how when you love a book, I mean really love it, and someone tells you they don’t even like it, or don’t get it, or don’t see the point or, as sometimes happens with memoir  — gasp! — they don’t like the writer herself?

Oh man.  I’m bracing myself.

In the meantime, to distract myself, I found this list of things Cheryl left out of the book.  As someone who’s doing a lot of rewriting, editing, and cutting at the moment, I so appreciate this list.


And if you’re up for some inspiration on a Monday, here’s a video of Cheryl talking about her journey and about writing the book.  (Note to Writers:  If you don’t have time for the whole video, start it at the 20 minute mark.)