Lounging in the flowers ....

Lounging in the flowers ….


Things I’ve been doing because I’m not blogging:

1.  Not reading blogs.

2.  Writing a new first chapter of my 22 chapter book.  In media res is solving a lot of problems.

3.  Talked to a woman who didn’t care for WILD.  Her exact words were, “God I hated that book!”  Turns out what she hated most were the things I loved, and still love.

4.  Explaining to people as I walk my pack through town,”No, I’m not a dog walker and therefore do not have a website nor a fee schedule.”

5.  Added acai berry powder to my protein shake, even though I still can’t pronounce acai and I’m not all that sure what it does.

6.  Found out I need to be on Facebook to get updates about my June writing conference.  Also found out how easy it is to activate my account to check for these updates and then, immediately, deactivate.  (p.s.  I still do not miss FB one bit.)

7.  Read an interview with Deborah Eisenberg in the latest Paris Review where the first question was:  Am I right that your first story was published when you were almost 40? 

8.  🙂

9.  Realizing there is a mental benefit to exercising, but there is no mental benefit to stepping on the scale; the number on the scale will never be the right number, right?  Exercise makes me feel better; the scale does not.

10.  Devouring Patricia Cornwell thrillers, one after the other, and not bothering to hide the covers when reading in public.

11.  Finally caved and got a new desktop computer with a giant screen.  The screen and the font are so big, I don’t have to wear my glasses to write.

12.  Heard a man say he hasn’t eaten bread in more than a year, so I’ve started eating more sourdough to make up for it.


What are you up to this Spring?

20 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. jpon

    #7: My first published short story didn’t happen until I was 50. So there may be hope.
    #11: For me not to wear glasses while writing, the screen would have to be a billboard.
    #12: I will join you in that endeavor. He sounds hungry.

    1. Teri Post author

      I didn’t even write a story until I was almost 40 so I figured there was no chance for me. And that man IS hungry, I’m sure of it. He hasn’t had pasta in more than a year either. No bread, no pasta? I can see cutting back if you’re a bread connoisseur (like me), but none? Zero??? What’s the joy in that.

  2. Pamela

    Love the part about not being a professional dog-walker. I read that aloud to J.

    I’m wondering if that man avoids bread entirely (like, no pizza, no crackers, etc.) or just says “no” to the bread basket at restaurants. Either way, that’s hard.

    What I’m doing is reading, writing short essays, walking, and confounding my friends by not being as chatty or available by email as I was during the winter. I’m enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to another trip to NYC.

    1. Teri Post author

      Little do the people know how scared I still am to leave my house will all 3 on leashes. If a rabbit runs across our path, all bets are off!

      And the No Bread Man is eating zero bread. He explained how, when he takes his kids for pizza, he has a salad. And when he has a burger, he eats it between 2 lettuce leaves. Hardcore!

  3. Josey

    when someone says they dislike, or god forbid use the word hate, about a book you love, it’s a lot like they’re putting down one of your relatives.

    yesterday i needed to clear my head and walked through three zip codes, 10.7 miles from my house to my in-laws where my husband and kids were hanging out. as soon as we left, i made him take me to get ice cream.

    last night i had this great thing happened. i was restless and just wanted to go out but no one wanted to leave the house except me, so i drove to barnes and noble. i floated around the store and picked up a book on detox dieting (yes, the same day i walked 10+ miles and ate ice cream with chunks of heath toffee bar) and picked up katrina kenison’s “magical journey” because the inside cover read: “…this account of a year of loss, self-discovery, and growth will resonate deeply with any woman who has ever mourned the passage of time, questioned her own purpose, or wondered, ‘do i have what it takes to discover what is important to me now.'” after making my purchase in the coffee area along with a drink, i spotted an writer-friend at a table in the far corner. we ended up talking until the lady who had checked me out came over to notify us that they had announced the store was closed five minutes ago.

    i’ve decided i want to get better at just letting life happen.

    1. Teri Post author

      My god yes, just getting out of the house and doing something, anything, that’s no planned, even if it’s just getting an ice cream cone at some new place you’ve never been to, is a boon.

      And here’s the thing about the book —- if someone tells me they LOVE a book, I’m never going to say I hate it. I might say “it wasn’t for me” or something soft, but never that I hate it.

      1. Josey

        yeah–i can’t say “i hated it either” either, my usual response is, “i haven’t finished it yet.” which is usually true as i won’t keep reading something i don’t like. it’s such a personal dig, right? if they go as far as to say “you loved this? i hated it!” they may as well be talking about your choice of whatever…”you love that coat? i hate it! how can you love it???”

        of course, whenever someone says they dislike a book i like, i just figure they aren’t deep enough to really “get” it. because that’s how i like to judge people.

    1. Teri Post author

      There’s a lot to be said for this, Lisa. And congrats to Chloe (and her parents!) for getting into Law School !!!

    1. Downith


      “and still having problems with commenting” now works…

      Still trying shake the damn flu.

      Welcome Back Carter. (teehee)

      1. Teri Post author

        I’m very worried about your constant flu. Maybe it’s house. I think you need a beach vacation —- let the sun bake it out of you! —- while you have the house disinfected.

        Sorry you’re sick. Again. Doesn’t even seem possible.

        (Welcome back Carter. Your dreams were your ticket out…. 😉

    1. Teri Post author

      The cure for last night’s celebration with sis? And really, how can you live in northern California and not eat sourdough on a regular basis —- seems sinful.

  4. LauraMaylene

    So far this spring, I’m covered in snow. But perhaps if I join you in your quest to make up for that man’s lack of bread, things will look sunnier.

    Also, while it might not look like spring outside, I think the raccoon living (and perhaps having babies?) in my chimney has other ideas. The cats are SO INTO this new arrangement, but me? Not so much. The chimney sweep can’t get here fast enough.

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