Lounging in the flowers ....
Lounging in the flowers ….


Things I’ve been doing because I’m not blogging:

1.  Not reading blogs.

2.  Writing a new first chapter of my 22 chapter book.  In media res is solving a lot of problems.

3.  Talked to a woman who didn’t care for WILD.  Her exact words were, “God I hated that book!”  Turns out what she hated most were the things I loved, and still love.

4.  Explaining to people as I walk my pack through town,”No, I’m not a dog walker and therefore do not have a website nor a fee schedule.”

5.  Added acai berry powder to my protein shake, even though I still can’t pronounce acai and I’m not all that sure what it does.

6.  Found out I need to be on Facebook to get updates about my June writing conference.  Also found out how easy it is to activate my account to check for these updates and then, immediately, deactivate.  (p.s.  I still do not miss FB one bit.)

7.  Read an interview with Deborah Eisenberg in the latest Paris Review where the first question was:  Am I right that your first story was published when you were almost 40? 

8.  🙂

9.  Realizing there is a mental benefit to exercising, but there is no mental benefit to stepping on the scale; the number on the scale will never be the right number, right?  Exercise makes me feel better; the scale does not.

10.  Devouring Patricia Cornwell thrillers, one after the other, and not bothering to hide the covers when reading in public.

11.  Finally caved and got a new desktop computer with a giant screen.  The screen and the font are so big, I don’t have to wear my glasses to write.

12.  Heard a man say he hasn’t eaten bread in more than a year, so I’ve started eating more sourdough to make up for it.


What are you up to this Spring?