Thank you, Mr. Sedaris.  We laughed for an hour and a half, from your first sentence to your last.


After his reading last night, someone asked how he got started as a writer, about his process, about showing work to people (family, friends, beta readers, fellow writers, etc…).  He said he thinks it’s tougher for writers starting out today, that there’s so much expectation to share every thought, to expose yourself, to get your work out there, to “Get Published!” even if you have to do it yourself; that he is often directed to “read my blog” or is given the link to read someone’s self-published book.

No thanks, he says.


David Sedaris wrote for 7 years before he showed his first sentence to another human being.  We live in the age of over-sharing.  How do you keep yourself current without being carried away by that rip tide, and drowning?