31JRgcqf76L._SY300_Come Sunday I’ll be reading with some of my favorite writers at Alley Cat Books in San Francisco.  Let the anticipation of terror begin.

You may recall that at my last reading I was so scared I forgot how to put my own glasses on my face.  Ah, well.  This time it’s a reading and a publication party.  There are 12 of us.  I can blend into the crowd.  Comfort in numbers.  I’ll only have the mic for 5 minutes, then it’s all party and wine and cheese.  I can survive 5 minutes, right?

I’m excited about this anthology, excited about having one of my little stories in a book — a real, live book that will be sold on-line and in bookstores — with writers like Jasmin Darznik, Andrew Altshul, and oh-my-god Stephen Elliott.

Unfortunately, Stephen’s movie starts shooting this week in New York, so I doubt he’ll be back in town for our party.  Imagine.  Reading with Stephen Elliott.  Seriously people — how much fun would that have been??