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31JRgcqf76L._SY300_Come Sunday I’ll be reading with some of my favorite writers at Alley Cat Books in San Francisco.  Let the anticipation of terror begin.

You may recall that at my last reading I was so scared I forgot how to put my own glasses on my face.  Ah, well.  This time it’s a reading and a publication party.  There are 12 of us.  I can blend into the crowd.  Comfort in numbers.  I’ll only have the mic for 5 minutes, then it’s all party and wine and cheese.  I can survive 5 minutes, right?

I’m excited about this anthology, excited about having one of my little stories in a book — a real, live book that will be sold on-line and in bookstores — with writers like Jasmin Darznik, Andrew Altshul, and oh-my-god Stephen Elliott.

Unfortunately, Stephen’s movie starts shooting this week in New York, so I doubt he’ll be back in town for our party.  Imagine.  Reading with Stephen Elliott.  Seriously people — how much fun would that have been??




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  1. Averil Dean

    Teri! You’re such a brilliant chick and I’m thrilled (also squeaky-nervous on your behalf, but mostly thrilled) that you’ll get to read your work at Alley Cat. I’m off now to order my copy of the book. (On paper, so you can sign it for me.)

    Congratulations! And knock ’em dead at the reading. We’ll be waiting for a full report!


    1. Teri Post author

      I’m going to wear my glasses THE WHOLE TIME so I don’t have to worry about (a) where they are, or (b) how to put them on. Lessons learned. And I’m going to take the advice that was floating at your blog the other day: reading a few short paragraphs, but using my minutes to tell the story of how the story came to be. That’s way more interesting anyway.

      So I thank you!

  2. Erika Marks

    You!! Look at you! Let the giddiness and nerves fill you up, my friend–it will be all things tremendous and I wish to heck I was in that audience. Like Averil, I’ll wait for the full scoop afterwards and get myself a copy in the meantime. So proud of you, lady!!

    1. Teri Post author

      Erika, I can’t wait for you to do a reading out here. I’m throwing you a party when you do. I’m not kidding!

  3. Downith

    Congratulations Teri! Was trying to decide which piece was yours based on the blurb. The book is not available over here yet but I’ve signed up for an alert as to when it will be. Good luck – am sure you will be great. And yes, spending a bit of time talking about the piece and not only reading it is always of interest.

  4. Deb

    Now that, is pretty darn cool. Congratulations, Teri! Just think, after the next dozen or so, these shindigs will feel like a walk in the park. Really though, I bet you’ll be great. Congratulations again.

    1. Teri Post author

      Lisa, you love Stephen Elliott, too, so I know you know what I mean. When the back cover came out I was so thankful for “alphabetical order.”

      1. lisahgolden

        To have your name on the same page with Stephen Elliot? SWOON. I wish he were going to be at the reading. Talk about frosting on the cupcake!

  5. Josey

    this is so exciting. i’m with lisa, i love seeing your name two names up from stephen elliot. well done. so much good writing ju-ju going around these parts!!

    1. Teri Post author

      Anna, that would be so much fun! Even my husband is out of town that day, so I’m flying solo. 🙂

  6. Lyra

    Why on earth do I live so far away?! I wish I was there in the audience. Well, if you get nervous, just picture me sitting out there making faces at you. Seriously, you will do so great. Do you want to borrow my Badass Like a Unicorn T-shirt?
    Go get ’em!

  7. Simplegratitude

    Teri! You’re my idol right now! That’s amazing! You’re going to be wonderful up there! Now to buying the book and how can I get it signed? Congrats.

  8. LauraMaylene

    Teri, congratulations! This is wonderful. Anthologies can be such a good step in a writer’s career. I watched as one of my friends was published in an anthology that got quite a lot of press and media attention…I’d say it’s been an important part of her platform building process (she also writes memoir). Wish I could fly to California to watch you!

    Can you tell us anything about the piece that’s in this anthology?

    p.s. I freaking adore that Alley Cat Books sign. Obviously.

    1. Teri

      Thankfully it’s not memoir — that alone will make the reading easier. It’s an essay I wrote about the week I spent at the U.S. Army War College right after President Obama was elected. It’s about the funny ways we debate politics, how ridiculous we can get, how we see the “other side.”

      I, too, love that Alley Cat sign.

  9. Catherine

    Teri this is great! Congratulations! What a beautiful cover and great blurb. Good on you. I hope your 5 minutes go well. When I was paralysed in the beginning by public speaking about my work, I was told by a friend that This Was My Moment, Own Your Moment. And after I used it for a mantra it started to work. I told/tell myself that this a celebration of having a teeny bit of success with what I want to do well. That said, I have to speak for an hour about blogging at a writers’ retreat next month and I’m already jotting down random notes!

    1. Teri

      Thanks, Paul. I’m trying to tell myself this will be fun. It will it will it will it will. I think I’ll go for a long run in the morning to regulate my blood pressure.

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