carlineknapp_morelliIn case you can’t tell from recent posts, I’m in my Caroline Knapp phase.  Caroline died 11 years ago, at age 42, of lung cancer …. and as was written in the Boston Phoenix, you can’t help but recognize Caroline on the page:  Whether she was writing about politics, feminism, or the perilous state of modern relationships, the tone was unmistakably her own. Reserved in person, she was ruthlessly self-revelatory at the keyboard. The common denominator of her private and public selves was her wry sense of humor.

I’ve been whining for a week that I can’t find a good book since finishing Justin St. Germain’s SON OF A GUN, and yet here comes Caroline Knapp.  Again.  Just as PACK OF TWO was not simply about dogs, DRINKING: A LOVE STORY is not just about drinking.  As obvious as this sounds, we all know it’s not at all obvious, that there will be so many who won’t discover Caroline’s art because they don’t drink too much or don’t obsess over their dog.  And that would be a shame.