It’s Not All Talent



It’s not all talent.  No, it cannot be all talent.  I mean, I’ve worked hard.

Which describes you best:  Love winning?  Or hate losing?

It’s unfortunate that you can’t have it all.

I wish I could have realized my potential earlier, and started to work really hard earlier….. but all of that made me the person I was later on.

I’m more focused on myself than on what people are saying, or what people think of my game.

What is the hardest part about realizing you’re mortal?

7 thoughts on “It’s Not All Talent

  1. girl in the hat

    Love winning or hate losing? I don’t know… hmmm… maybe throw a couple big wins to me and I’ll know the answer to that question.

    But no matter what, it’s about relationships. That’s all. I’m trying to teach my kids about looking each player in the eye and saying “great game,” no matter the outcome. These are the important things.

  2. Josey

    i’m with averil, he is simply darling. dear lord, i just want to give him a big wet sloppy kiss. and feel that hair, right? it’s the perfect amount of curl in the back.

    i freakin’ HATE losing. i remember playing tennis in high school and walking off the court after losing a game–not even a match–a game, and not being able to focus on anything but the my anger at not having overcome the other team (i played doubles). i couldn’t talk, i couldn’t laugh…nothing, i would be silent until i was in the lead again. i was an awful loser, and was constantly having to have one-on-ones with my coach about controlling my anger. it was never something i took out on other people–not my partner, the opposing team, or line callers, i did shit like hit my racquet on the ground or pick up a loose tennis ball and swipe at it like i was hitting a baseball. once i hit the net with my racquet and was disqualified from the match. so obnoxious.

    the hardest part about being mortal for me is knowing just how short our time here is right now. (in other words, that very fact that we’re mortal…)

  3. chillcat

    I loved the DFW essay. Time to reread it. Sometimes I kick myself about not trying harder earlier, but where was I then – living the stuff I am writing about. No, you can’t have it all.

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