To have a reason to get up in the morning, it is necessary to possess a guiding principle.  A belief of some kind.  A bumper sticker, if you will.  

The opening lines of ORDINARY PEOPLE

by Judith Guest


Today I talked to an old friend and she said, “What’s so great about California, I mean, besides the weather?”  And about an hour later I pulled up behind this truck.  Flower stickers.  Disappear Fear in a rainbow.  Guitars not Bombs.  Coastal Canine Magazine.  Pro Choice.  Funkengruven.  The COEXIST sign.  The world as seen from outer space.  The Zodiac.  A blue heart.

This, I thought.  This is what I love about California, that I can pull up behind this guy and his happy bumper stickers.



What do you love about where you live?