To have a reason to get up in the morning, it is necessary to possess a guiding principle.  A belief of some kind.  A bumper sticker, if you will.  

The opening lines of ORDINARY PEOPLE

by Judith Guest


Today I talked to an old friend and she said, “What’s so great about California, I mean, besides the weather?”  And about an hour later I pulled up behind this truck.  Flower stickers.  Disappear Fear in a rainbow.  Guitars not Bombs.  Coastal Canine Magazine.  Pro Choice.  Funkengruven.  The COEXIST sign.  The world as seen from outer space.  The Zodiac.  A blue heart.

This, I thought.  This is what I love about California, that I can pull up behind this guy and his happy bumper stickers.



What do you love about where you live?


16 thoughts on “California

    1. Teri Post author

      I remember living in Phoenix, in the desert, and the days there seemingly unending. I used to long for a cloudy rainy day.

  1. lisahgolden

    It’s home. There’s something very nice about being back where I grew up. Well, close enough but not in the fishbowl of a small town where I grew up. The history. The connection. While a friend ran an errand I couldn’t accompany him on, I waited in the cemetery where at least four generations of my family are buried.

    1. Teri Post author

      Love this, Lisa. Love it.

      I was just back home. As much as I love soooo many people and things there, the truck in this photo wouldn’t last a week there.

  2. Les

    I love living on the Central Coast anywhere from 10 minues to 2 hours from places that some people travel from all parts of the world to see. I try not to take for granted that I can be in any of these places whenever I want instead of having to save my whole life just to travel there for a week or two.

  3. JustAnotherEmpress

    Oh what a great photo. And the quote to set it off. Nice!

    I love Portland so much, sometimes I think I’m its mother. That mountain elegantly spreading its white skirt above the city. The hills and forests and lakes. The vibrant, excessively polite, hipster-lite, beer-loving, kombucha-brewing, coffee-drinking town where I live, I swear, I’d take a bullet to protect it from collapse.

    The food! I just got back from a walk to a cafe where I ate a homemade corn tortilla heaped with grilled veggies and fresh-picked chanterelles (the crazy rain two weeks ago produced an abundance).

    And don’t even get me started on the literary community here…

    1. Teri Post author

      I’m pretty sure you are Portland’s mother, or at least her sister. And of course your literary community is to die for.

  4. girl in the hat

    I was walking on the Cal campus today, thinking exactly this. Oak trees, redwoods, amazing gardens, a creek, the most spectacular array of architecture I’ve seen in one place, students from all over the world, sunshine, the homeless man who wheeled by with his plastic bags of stuff dangling from his handle bars who clearly lived somewhere on campus, the smell of weed wafting in front of the library steps, two girls playing banjoes in the grass.

  5. chillcat

    This makes me want to put more stickers on my car. Jimi Hendrix was swiped away, as was The Bitch is Back..
    I have such conflicting feelings about where I live. My house and yard are home, I’m in love with my cool cluttered house, my sculptures and piano room and books. It’s where I love to cook for people and have dancing parties.
    But the things I like about Italy are probably not the usual ones. I do love the gorgeous villa on my jogging track, but I know I’d dislike the snobby people inside; I love vineyards on hills but I hate pesticides and racist politics of most farmers here (the older generation were more open-minded). I love that Italy is now filling with young African kids who may grow up in a more ope. environment. I still adore shores. But the veggie food, the literary communing, I have to give that a miss here. Or hunt up and down the country for it. Or wail to you guys.

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