Wait, did he say 25?

Dogtripping-198x300Last night I checked out NPR’s very cool, curmudgeon-friendly site for the story I needed to bring in 2014.  The next thing I knew I’d downloaded David Rosenfelt’s saga of relocating from Southern California to Maine.  With their 25 rescue dogs.


We were transporting our dogs, all 25 of them, to our — and their — new home.  They were all rescue dogs, a small portion of the thousands [of mostly golden retrievers] we have saved from the misery of the Los Angeles shelter system, but this trip was likely to make new demands on their endurance.

The truth was, this undertaking could have been even more daunting.  Twenty-five is pretty much the fewest dogs Debbie and I have had in the last 10 years.  We’ve had as many as forty-two, but we feel that more than forty is slightly eccentric.



Before I fell asleep I’d already laughed out loud and teared-up and laughed some more, and finished 2/3 of David’s story.

I spent much of 2013 saying, “People, they’re the worst.”  So with unlucky number (20) 13 coming to a close, I’m shifting my perspective.  Thank you David and Debbie Rosenfelt — with the 4,000+ dogs you’ve saved from certain death —  you people are the best.