Chasing It

Kicking off the new year with these, a creepy/strange and a funny/strange.  You need to read them both.








I’m having a hard time describing either one, but they’re both head-knockers and I recommend them, though you can not read HYPERBOLE AND A HALF on an eReader — you need the ridiculous heft of this book in your hands, and the artwork on it’s thick, colorful pages.  It looks and feels “expensive” by publishing standards.  (thanks Lindsey for dropping the weighty tome on my porch!)

I read my first Patrick McGrath novel a few years ago.  I had ASYLUM sitting on my desk in class, and my uber-literary (and favorite) professor said, “I love Patrick McGrath!”  He was right.  So smart.  So strange.  So on-the-money of human behavior.  You can read a review of TRAUMA here.

In other news, I get back to work on my book on Monday.  No.  Really.  I start the non-diet-writng-binge on Monday.  I’ve taken a ridiculously long break from writing — shamefully long — but here I am on January 4th with, finally, a mind in work-mode.  Last night I dreamed about a chapter, which hasn’t happened since Aunt Mary and my friend Chris died in October.  It was a strange Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years.  Not Patrick McGrath-strange, but …well … you know.  I miss them both more than  home-cooked fried chicken and gravy.

1538724_10202995235461092_1982595070_nAnd if you’ve bothered to read about my neuroses this far, I’ll give you the bonus of the best news:  last week we adopted Chase from Golden Retriever Rescue, a sweet and mellow 7 year old who needed a family, who needed a mom who “works at home” and a dad willing to say “okay then, 3 dogs.”  So with Lea and JoJo, and now Chase, to lay (lie??) at my feet while I work, and with Jenna McDonald the trainer coming tomorrow to teach me how to walk Chase and to review this crazy list of “what’s working” and “what needs work” with our new boy, I’m off and running (or, rather, dog walking) in 2014.  Who says I’m not writing?



19 thoughts on “Chasing It

    1. Teri Post author

      Lie. Duh. Let sleeping dogs lie, and all that.

      It occurs to me reading your comment that having 3 big dogs in this small house with no yard is not any kind of hyperbole. It’s too literal. And to use your favorite word of 2013, Indy: literally!

  1. Josey

    on more than one occasion, i’ve had the momentary internal debate whether or not to pick up the hyperbole book, next time i will definitely pick it up.

    as far this year, i have bought maira kalman’s Thomas Jefferson book which is a kids picture book, but I HIGHLY recommend it for everyone–that and her Abe Lincoln book. I love all her books. I also got the fiction novel Mother, Mother by the same author who wrote the memoir Smashed…because really, how could i possibly pass that up???

    1. Teri Post author

      Hyperbole and a Half is a very strange book. I can’t decide it I like it or not, but it certainly stretches the line of what a book is, or what a story is, and I do like that. I’d also love to meet the brave publisher who said yes to printing it.

  2. Suzy Vitello

    TRAUMA sounds divine.

    And that notebook looks like it could have come from our house!

    Writing and walking dogs. What else is there? Happy 2014, Teri!

    1. Teri Post author

      TRAUMA is very good so far, and I absolutely loved ASYLUM. I must be in psychological thriller mode. I blame Averil. 🙂

      Here’s to both of us writing and walking dogs in 2014. Wish I lived up the street so we could walk our pups together.

  3. Catherine

    Have a productive, healthy and forget-that-diet 2014 Teri. You always make me feel like giving a dog a home but my kids are pushing for puppies this year from my German Shepherd Astrid. Don’t know what to do! Back to work on Tuesday for me hopefully it’s been a long one.

    1. Teri Post author

      My god, who doesn’t love a pile of puppies? Though the amount of work needed to manage that pile is off the charts.

      And on writing, back to work, back to work, back to work.

  4. Paul Lamb

    Sometimes I think you can be all things to all things. I’m happy you’re back to writing after your hiatus, and I’m especially happy for your newest family member. Your family has grown by four feet!

    1. Teri Post author

      My 2 and 1/2 year old lab would love nothing more than to go on a long run with you, Paul —- my little 3-milers aren’t quite enough for her. I swear we get home and she looks at me like, “Really? That’s it?”

    1. Teri Post author

      If you carry this book around in your purse, you could use it to knock a bank-robber unconscious. (what makes me think of this? who knows!)

  5. Lyra

    I am so, so happy for you and the new addition to your family. And yay to the people who can come and train new dog so you can eventually get back to some normalcy and much, much writing. I think I may have said it before, but you are the best dog mom ever!

  6. jpon

    Three dogs and writing. Sounds like a dream worth waiting for. When I get to Tacoma (Dona is already there), I might go that route myself—a companion for Henry and writing time for me. But for now it’s dig, dig, dig out from yesterday’s snow.

    1. Teri Post author

      The thing about dogs, especially this many dogs: a fairly strict routine is required. My hours revolve around who needs to go outside, go for a walk, who is sick (poor new baby has diarrhea today), and supervising rough play.

      Of course, Henry WILL need a new friend in Seattle at some point along the way … so long as he doesn’t have to share his coffee.

      1. jpon

        My hope is that another dog will keep him occupied and I’ll have more time to write. I suspect I’m barking up the wrong tree though…

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