In 3 weeks — at 9:00 am, in Room 101 of the Western New England MFA Annex — I’ll be sitting behind a table at AWP, talking about persistence.

I’m on a panel with our very own Joe Ponepinto, Kobbie Alamo, and Q. Lindsey Barrett, and we will discuss what it takes to keep writing when ….

*  you still haven’t gotten that one, two or three book deal you thought you’d have by now

*  you’re collecting enough rejection slips to wallpaper all of Brooklyn

*  post-MFA “now what?” and “where did everybody go?” depression has set in

*  you’re still waiting for that call from The New Yorker or Granta or Tin House

*  you can’t no-way-no-how spend a month at MacDowell or Yaddo or any of those great writing sleep-away camps in the sky

*  your dream agents won’t request even one chapter of your manuscript or, worse, they request the one chapter and disappear into the ethernet

*  the 1st draft of your book is on its 23rd draft with more rewrites in sight


How do you maintain your passion for writing?