Speaking of wasting time on the interwebs, I took the online quiz at BuzzFeed that tells you what state you should be living in.  I figured this was a no-brainer.  California!  Of course!  From almost the day I arrived here my mantra has been, “I am never moving again.”

In dreamland, I also imagine I could settle down in the dry heat where there’s lots of land (New Mexico) or where I can stare at the ocean everyday (Hawaii) or where I can find me farm in the middle of nowhere and rescue more dogs (Wyoming).  Do you feel the western vibe I’ve got going here?

Alas …

MissouriOf the 50 states in this great union, guess where the BuzzFeed quiz says I belong?  Right back home in The Show Me State.  Do they know something I don’t know?

Have some fun, waste 5 minutes, take the quiz —- then come back here and tell us where YOU belong?