Maybe it’s the fresh air of spring, but I’ve been reading so many memoirs — which I’ve loved! — that I’m craving a big, fat epic.

Today I pulled these off my shelves:








But I’m open to anything.

Help!  Tell me about your favorite epic and why I should read it.

15 thoughts on “Epic

  1. Lyra

    I always say Middlemarch, but recently I tried to reread it and put it down. I don’t know why, I only know that it has sung to me in the past and perhaps it will again in the future, but now was not the time.
    That being said, I have not read this book in years, but I remember loving it, loving the main character Thea so much that after I read it I knew that I had to be a writer.
    Song of the Lark- Willa Cather.

    1. Teri Post author

      Oh my. How have I never heard of this book?? “A bittersweet reflection on severing oneself from one’s past relationships and surroundings, The Song of the Lark explores the loss that ultimately accompanies an artist’s highest achievements.”

      Feel better, my friend.

  2. jpon

    Funny you should ask. I ran out of new books to read and wasn’t expecting any to be delivered for a while, so I pulled out Madame Bovary and Moby-Dick, and am about 100 pages into each. I always find it interesting how my reader’s perspective has changed over the years—I wasn’t crazy about them before, but am finding much to like now.

    1. Teri Post author

      I read Moby-Dick about 5 years ago in a class, and I was so glad I read it with other people and that we could come to class and talk about it twice a week. I remember we spent over an hour talking about the introduction and how brilliant every word was. I even liked those chapters describing whales.

  3. joplingirl

    “The Son” by Philip Meyer—powerful story of one family’s roots in Texas. Contains an apache kidnapping scene that has the kind of narrative drive I aspire to, and a female character uniquely Amercian. One of the best novels I read I last year. Wish it had won the Pulitzer.

    1. Teri Post author

      I bought The Son when it first came out, read a few pages, and set it aside. I keep saying I’m saving it for summer. But maybe it will be a spring read??

  4. donnaeve

    I would have said THE GOLDFINCH – but I know you already read it. I haven’t yet – although I have it sitting there, waiting…waiting. I feel more compelled now since she won a Pulitzer for it. (??)

  5. Averil Dean

    I have nothing to recommend, epic-wise, but I’m only a day or two from the finish line with Blackbird and I cannot WAIT to sink into a good book. The candidates are lining up on my bedside table. Jennifer Egan’s top of the stack with LOOK AT ME, which I’ve started and can hardly wait to continue. That voice!

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