gray-crowned-crane-wings-openSometimes this photo is what I imagine my husband thinks of me.

The big flashy bird version of hauling up and saying, Hey!  and, Are you listening?! and, This is what I have to say about THAT!  A woman who knows and isn’t the least bit afraid to speak her mind.  No wallflower.  And yet …

I’ll be damned if the Twittersphere doesn’t baffle the hell out of me.

It’s like the instant I hit and a read through a few tweets, I go downright dead inside.  Silent.  Not a word in the head or heart.  I’m trying to get it, I really am.  But …. who are all of these quick-witted, pithy folk?   From what planet??  Who are these tweeters who post as if in constant conversation and yet are playing professional tournaments and writing 3 cogent essays a week and doing public readings and finishing books?  I envy them.  I just do.

What is it about distraction, the winding side road, that helps some and hinders others?