Some girls hear Hermes and dream of elegant, flowing scarves.


Me?  I dream of elegant, flowing words.



Meet my new Hermes 3000, manufactured in 1962.  Isn’t she beautiful?

And hey, if she’s good enough for Larry McMurtry ….

Other scribblers who eschew computers, and the writing machines they love:

Don DeLillo: Olympia SM3 DeLuxe

Joan Didion: Royal KMM

Harlan Ellison: Olympia SG 3

John Irving: IBM Selectric

Terrence McNally: Olympia SM 9

Joyce Carol Oates: SCM Smith Corona Electra

Thomas Pynchon: Olivetti portable

David Sedaris: IBM Selectric II

William Styron: SCM Smith Corona Electra

John Updike: Olivetti from the ’40s


6 thoughts on “Hermes

  1. Lyra

    I bought my husband the Olivetti Valentine for our anniversary a few years back. I love that I can say that here and you aren’t going to ask, “But why?”

  2. amyg

    I have a 1960-something smith coronal electric typewriter sitting on my desk. My kids always ask to use it, but can’t for the life of them remember what it’s called, “mom…can I type on that thing…you know, the thing w/ a keyboard, but it’s not a computer? what is it?”

    yours is gorgeous. i love the color of the keys.

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