Here’s to Chance

This afternoon I was walking our 10 yr old rescued Golden, and our mail-woman Tina stopped me many blocks away to ask how he’s doing.  “He looks great!” she said.  “So happy.”

And he is.  He’s gained a good 15 pounds, and after he takes a couple of short walks he’s done for the day.  Happy to lay under my feet while I type all day, and sound asleep by 5 pm for the night.  As we keep saying:  “the easiest dog we’ve ever had.”

I get asked a lot about adopting a senior dog.  My husband gets asked, too.  We both go on and on about how great it is, but we also know that people are still wary.  What’s wrong with him? they think.  Why did his people really get rid of him?  And everybody wants a puppy.  Hey, even I want a puppy!  But puppies are soooooooo much work … and still, we can’t, for the life of us, figure out why someone dropped our sweet, easy, 10 yr old Golden boy at the shelter and drove away, knowing he’d be euthanized in a week.

But I digress.

Chance2014-04-001I’ve been keeping my eye on Chance —- a 12 yr old at Lab Rescue.  Here’s his bio:

Hi.  My name is Chance and I am about the sweetest (just turned) 12 year old that you will ever meet. My previous owner didn’t have time for my sister or me so we were relegated to the backyard for some time. I’m now with my foster Dad in a wonderful loving home with lots of love, care and walks.

When Lab Rescue took me into their program, I was not able to walk on my right front leg as my dew claw was embedded in my leg and infected. The nice people at Lab Rescue took me to the vet. I am off antibiotics now and have been given a clean bill of health. I love going with my foster Dad on two half mile walks daily. He says I am such a love – a sweet easy going guy! A fun game for me is playing “find it” and tossing treats or just put the treat in your hand and I’ll take it with a gentle mouth. I am not possessive of my toys and you can take anything from me.

I have a beautiful dense coat and I love to be touched and especially getting belly rubs. I love being with my person so I will make a great companion for someone who would like to hang out with me, go for walks or outings in the car. I have no trouble getting in or out of the car and I settle down nicely for the ride. I am not a barker so no worries about your neighbors complaining! I am housetrained and sleep through the night in a dog bed next to my foster’s bed. Lab Rescue wants someone to be around a good part of the day because I deserve that after being a backyard dog but when you do need to go out without me, I am fine being left home alone. I am not destructive in any way. So you see, I am a very easy boy who just wants to be loved and give you love in return.

I’m not trying to brag but I can tell you many reasons why you should adopt me. Adopting a senior dog like me definitely has its benefits. I won’t chew your furniture. We settle in quickly – no drama! I’m smarter and calmer than those adolescent and crazy puppies! I know your shoes are for walking and not for chewing. I don’t require the commitment and time that a young dog does. You know what you’re getting with me – I’m fully grown and mature so no surprises! You will get a good night’s sleep because I’ll sleep when you do. I am so appreciative to be in a loving home and will make a great, loyal companion in my new forever home. Just take a look at my face – it takes a long time to get this sweet! I would do well with someone who is retired and looking for a companion and I would also do great in a home with children who are dog savvy and respectful of a senior gentleman like myself.


I love the care that’s taken with their bios.  Words, even a dog’s words written by a caring human, are important.  And hey.  Today was the day.  Congratulations to 12 yrs-young Chance.  And a bigger congratulations to his new family who have, after so many months, given him his forever home.

It doesn’t matter how long forever is.  Our hours and our days make us who we are.

Here’s to Chance.

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