Because It’s What Book People Do

This morning, in a fit of OCD, I started counting books.  I quit when the numbers got too much and said to my husband, “Let’s go to the bookstore this afternoon.  The big one on Stevens Creek.”  Because that’s what you do when you have too many books, right?


11 thoughts on “Because It’s What Book People Do

  1. Teri Post author

    We bought all of them! But my husband’s selections were Jennifer Egan, James Webb, and Gillian Flynn (I read Gone Girl long long ago, but gave it away, so now we’ve bought it twice).

  2. donnaeve

    Geez., yes we do. I ought to take a pic of my TBR pile – just b/c.

    Btw – The Snow Child – will be interested to see what you think…personally, it was a weird book for me.

      1. Mary Lynne

        One of my prized book possessions is an autographed copy of A Visit From The Goon Squad. It’s on the shelf that I told my kids, “When I kick off and you’re getting rid of my books, the ones on this shelf are SPECIAL.”

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