Not So Gone, Girl


I was reading my hometown paper today and saw this bar — aka The Bar — a site used by Ben Affleck and crew while in town last fall, filming GONE GIRL.

“The Bar, at 117 Themis St., is set to open in early October to coincide with the movie’s release Oct. 3. The owner also has unspecified plans for other downtown properties he has acquired. Before becoming The Bar for the 20th Century Fox feature film, the building was the home of Social’s Cafe and Catering. It was transformed in August into a bar that “Gone Girl” character Nick Dunne owns with his sister, Margo.”

A question for my Cape Girardeau Crew:  Is this where Froggy’s used to be, back in the day when we were dancing to Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen” and Prince’s “Erotic City”?

And if you haven’t seen the latest trailer for GONE GIRL ….  is the site by the water at Trail of Tears?


3 thoughts on “Not So Gone, Girl

  1. donnaeve

    I don’t know about the Trail of Tears but that’s the best movie trailer ever. For those who didn’t read the book – they are going to have their sox knocked off.

  2. amyg

    Instead of Froggy’s we had Steinert’s…and Jack’s, the pool hall where I met my husband 19 years ago this September. Steinert’s burned to the ground (rumored it wasn’t an accident). Jack’s is till open, but we don’t go anymore since getting drunk, playing pool and throwing darts no longer take up my evenings.

    gone girl in your hometown is going to give it a whole new level of creepiness (the book & your town).

  3. Angela Laforest

    I know a lot of filming took place at the gazebo by the courthouse, the old federal building and Thebes. My sister is a huge Fincher fan, and she followed the film crew around lol. The house they use is out on RT. 77…I know the decorator of The Bar she said its going to be very different from what Cape is used to, whatever that means!

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