glutton |ˈglətn|

An excessively greedy eater.
• a person who is excessively fond of or always eager for something: a glutton for adventure.


Me and baby JoJo, on an adventure in Gualala, CA.

The thing that struck me most about yesterday’s post and response is not, as one might imagine, the numerous angry emails I received privately about writing the post at all.  Emails that ranged from, “You’re so worried about food issues, and you’re making it worse!” and “Apples are healthy!” and my personal favorite, “I’m bored with you and your food talk.”


No.  The thing that struck me most is that not a single person commented on the first scene:  the woman who has not eaten a carb in 18 YEARS.

Let’s think about that for a second.

18.  Years.

Do you realize how long that is?  I haven’t even been married 18 years.  In 18 years, a woman may have birthed and raised a child until he/she goes to college.  18 years could be someone’s lifetime.  What have I ever done, religiously, for 18 years?

I know this woman.  She’s not “not eating” carbs because she is gluten-intolerant, nor is she allergic to yeast, nor does she have a serious health issue, nor is she obsessed with being healthier.  She is a beautiful (and I mean shockingly beautiful) and successful executive (and I mean at the high-point-nowhere-else-is-higher point of her game) who is allergic to society’s view of who she is when Size 4 and pencil skirts and high heels are not in play.

When I was doing my research for the essay, I discovered this stat:  45 to 61 percent of top male CEOs are overweight, compared to only 5 to 22 percent of top female CEOs.  When I shared this stat with an executive friend, her first comment was, “Wow, that’s surprising.  I thought the female number would be closer to zero.”

No margin for error.

No margin for living.

18 years, people.