The Standalone Gift



“No matter our age, it’s so hard to understand what our mothers need. Looking back, I wonder if I ever stopped staring into my own mirror—worrying about some weight I’d gained or a bad haircut or the wrong clothes—long enough to care. There would be time for that later, right?  Later, there would be time?”

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5 thoughts on “The Standalone Gift

  1. donnaeve

    I remember reading this – I think you may have done a post on it. Of course, b/c of my father, I am now thinking of much more of my own mother, now alone, (not sick, thank God), and I worry. Worry, worry worry. My mother, alone. It really breaks my heart.

    1. Teri Post author

      I posted an early draft of this back in November. I’ve been thinking of you since your dad’s passing. It is completely disconcerting to lose our parents, no matter their age, or ours. xoxo

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