The Desk


This is my new writing desk.  I ordered this desk two months ago.  It finally arrived in a giant, heavy, cardboard box and needing assembly, for my new, empty until today, writing room.

As small as this seems in the grand scheme of all things, it’s huge for me.

For the last 9 years I’ve been writing on either the dining room table (taking my computer down and storing it during holidays when I needed the table) or in a spare room on a bedside table barely big enough for the computer and keyboard and where I used the bed behind me as my credenza (which I also had to pack up and put away when we had houseguests).

Now I have a desk.  A desk!  A real desk.  With 2 skinny drawers for pens and notes and old photos and plain M&Ms.  And my new desk is in a tiny basement closet-like room with a door that closes to work in.  To write in.  To think in.  To escape in.  To connect in.  To be in.

And, maybe just as importantly??, a place for our sweet and elderly Handsome to crawl under and keep my feet warm while I work.




Do you have a room of your own, or a room you’re dreaming years for?


31 thoughts on “The Desk

  1. Pamela

    We down-sized, so I’ll be lucky to get a closet! *Your* desk looks perfect, though. (Especially the foot warmer.)

    1. Teri Post author

      Pamela, I’m so excited that we’re just having wine and hotdogs for dinner. I keep running down the stairs to look at it. Like an alien angel who just landed on earth. 🙂

  2. amyg

    I love the fleur de lis lamp! when in rome (or 45 min south of louisville), right?

    such a perfect space – and not enough room to take a nap – so no temptation to nod off. (maybe that’s just a problem for me, but nothing makes me think “I’m going to nap first” than sitting down to a blank screen)

  3. dipsiyer

    Love the desk and love the lamp. And Handsome too! That’s a beautiful workspace to be in.

  4. Paul Lamb

    I have a desk and bookcases and my computer in a repurposed bedroom that, in turn, belonged to my daughter, a couple of random students doing semester-long internships locally, and finally my son and daughter-in-law.

    I cannot write facing a wall. (I think it reminds me too much of my cubicle at work.) I face the open room before me, and I have a window I can stand before to look long distances. A bed is in the nearby room for emergencies.

    1. Teri Post author

      I love that you have a window you can stand before, and especially that you’re looking out over “long distances.” Ahhhhh…..

      You can’t face the wall, and I have to face the wall. If I’m looking out I’m too distracted to pay attention to the screen, or my thoughts, or the story. But if I really get the urge I can walk out this office door a few feet and see nothing but water and trees. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

  5. independentclause

    I need windows, but I don’t have to be facing them. I often face a bookshelf (with the window to the left) in hopes that it will inspire me.

    Love your desk and of course Mr. Handsome.

    1. Teri Post author

      I need a bookshelf, but honestly if we have to assemble one more piece of furniture my hands are going to fall off. Whoever thought of the “allen wrench” and the many different size of allen wrenches should be shot.

  6. donnaeve

    I do have a desk…, yet, I’m not at it most days. Instead, I’m here in the kitchen, at the counter. Maybe the desk reminds me too much of all those 50+ hour work weeks I used to average back in the day. I’ve been wanting to go back to it though. Soon, I think. It’s in an upstairs room that used to be a bedroom. I moved the bed out, and have a treadmill and bookshelves in there. It’s quiet, away from the comings and goings of my busy hubby during the work week.

  7. Joe Ponepinto

    Nice, but that desk is far too neat for a writer. As point of reference, I have more clutter in one square inch of my desk than you have on the entire surface.

    1. Teri Post author

      Except that my desk has only been out of the box for about 20 minutes when I took this photo. Clutter and post-its and stacks of books and pens and pencils and unpaid bills and scraps of paper are on the way.

  8. Shruti

    Your writing space looks like heaven. Love reading your blog. Your words are always inspiring. 🙂

  9. koehlerjoni

    I love your writing space. I have a large computer desk that we bought when my son was living at home, and when all the grown young men came over for the holidays, the first thing I did was make them move the bed out of the room, so I can have a real office. It’s such a luxury to sit there with a cup of coffee and work while the radio plays in the background.

  10. heatheryapks

    I have a room of my own, but I share a bed with my 2nd sister, really because her room is as small as an attic though it could fit in a YaMaHa piano, a bathroom, a closet, a fitness equipment, a race track game, a table and a couple of cabinets

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