Saying goodbye to Lea


There is a saying that we keep our old friends to remind us who we were, and that we find new friends because we see, in them, who we want to be. I believe our animals come to us in exactly the same way, when we are lost, when we are searching for our next self.

Thank you, Lea, for finding me. RIP. You’ll always be my best girl in the whole wide world.

Go swim in all the oceans, okay?



13 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Lea

  1. donnaeve

    Oh, Teri. I’m so teary eyed. How I enjoyed the pictures of your road trips from CA to KY. The ones of all those girls gathered round, but, it was always Lea who caught my eye, that special softness in those big brown eyes. I know this pain, and it’s so damn hard. RIP, Lea, indeed. You deserve it.


    1. Teri Post author

      Thank you, Donna. I know you know. It’s just devastating. She was the one who welcomed and settled all of our rescues over the years, just a truly great spirit and companion. Love and hugs to you.

  2. Lori Bakken

    Hi Teri I am so sorry that Lea died. I still cry over the two dogs that we have lost. Dogs are so wonderful and giving-the best companionship I have ever had. Lori

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  3. Heide

    I’m so sorry to read your sad news about Lea, Teri. You were lucky to find each other in this life — and in this enormous universe of ours, I hope you will one day find each other again. My heart goes out to you …

  4. terminatrix138

    So sorry for your loss. There is no way to quantify just how special a dog can be and the connection we can have with them. They are are little furry soul mates. Sorry that you lost yours; I understand the pain.

  5. Carolyn Patsy Boggess

    I feel your pain and cry. Not so much for you, but for my precious ‘Punkin” who died on the airplane from TN to AZ. I can truly say I loved that little dog! And I know she loved me back. We had our own way of communicating with each other that only we could understand. She went every where with me, even if she had to stay in the car while I went inside a store. I left the car running so she would stay warm or cool – which ever was needed. She is buried in a baby casket in my backward. When I die she will be placed in my grave. I pray for your reunion in Heaven.

  6. D Allene Frieden

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