Forget God — these days it’s ‘In Trump We Trust’


April 2019 — Trump rally in Wisconsin — photo credit: CNN


After watching a rally crowd gather in Wisconsin in April, Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted about his boss, the president, “Only God could deliver such a savior to our nation.” 

This, at the same Wisconsin rally where said-savior famously lied, “The baby is born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully, and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”

Yes, lied. 

The president’s sickening, spun-up lie that women are giving birth and then consulting with their doctors about executing their babies is nothing but a vicious, calculated stump speech fed like a drug to his supporters. And yet, according to Parscale, the man telling such incendiary lies is a savior delivered to us by God. 

And he is not alone.

On Mar. 21, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Could it be that President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace? As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible.”

On May 6, Vice President Mike Pence said, ”Let me begin by bringing greetings from a man who is securing American leadership here on Earth and in the vast heavens above. I bring greetings from the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.”

Forget God — in the U.S. these days, it is “In Trump We Trust.” 

Watch his rallies. Watch interviews with rally-goers. Watch the president’s Twitter feed and his speeches. Trump rules, and his faithful followers fall in line. Because if you push back on or question this president, you do so at your own peril. 

Case in point: Republican Senator Jeff Flake. On Apr. 4, the Arizona Republic reported “that a man with a rifle scope recently went to multiple Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints facilities in Arizona, looking for him and his family. ‘It was a man living out of his car,’ Flake told the Guardian. ‘He told someone he had just attended a Trump rally.’’ 

On May 4, Reverend Franklin Graham said, “I don’t think he came to be president by mistake or by happenstance. I think somehow God put him in this position.” 

God put him in this position? A president who, four days later at his May 8 rally in Florida asked the crowd, “How do you stop these people” from crossing the border? And when a rally-goer shouted, “Shoot them!” the president simply chuckled and said, “That’s only in the panhandle you can get away with that stuff.”

Tell me, what true Christian—what human being—follows a man like this?

On May 3, VP Pence addressed the National Day of Prayer breakfast. “The American people,” he said, “and people of every faith in this country, can be confident they have a champion and a defender of faith and religious liberty in Donald Trump.”

How, exactly, does he square this with the Muslim ban? 

With taking children from their mothers at the southern border with no plan to reunite them? 

With the president lying at his rallies about mothers executing their newborns? 

With KKK icon David Duke saying, after Charlottesville, “We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in.”

In an April 24 letter to The Anderson News, Lawrenceburg resident Michael Handiboe wrote, in part: “And just like Jesus, [Trump] does not use his power as he legally can to defeat his enemies. This, despite knowing full well that his enemies are totally false. Like a lamb to the slaughter, President Trump has complied with all the demands of his enemies. And yet they are still not satisfied. Jesus Christ got his resurrection. I believe Trump will have his rightful vindication and even vengeance.”

Just like Jesus, Mr. Handiboe says. 

In Trump We Trust.