Welcome home, Hazel Belle

Our 2020 kicks off with our new rescue pup!

Hazel Belle is about 2 years old, and she was found starving, with Parvo, covered in ticks, and nursing a litter of puppies in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

I’ve had my eye out for an elderly rescue, but for a number of reasons none were working out. Golden Rescue of Louisville rejected our application outright because our yard did not meet their fencing requirements, the older dog we wanted to meet at Camp Jean was adopted (yeah!) before we had the chance to meet him, another big girl could not live in a house with a cat, and yet another would not be good with small children (and we have a new baby grandson). Anyway … you get the point.

A few weeks ago, as I was coming down with the flu, I stopped by L.I.F.E. House 4 Animals to meet an 8 year old they’d had for several months. I knew, as we often know, within minutes that she was too reactive to live with my 2 rowdy dogs and a visiting toddler. As I was sadly walking her back to her kennel, I passed this little girl.

She walked quietly right up to the fence, and when I knelt down to pet her through the chainlink, she looked me in the eye, leaned her whole body into me, and sighed. I took her out of the kennel to spend some time with her. She was lovely, truly. But she was only 2 years old, and I was not looking for a 2 year old. I took her picture. I went home. I could not stop thinking about her.

Three days later, much sicker with the flu, I took my husband to meet her and about 5 minutes into taking her for a walk he said, “We’re not leaving her here, we’re taking her home.” We had no idea at the time, but it turns out she’s housebroken, crate-trained, great on a leash, and loves to ride in the car!

I’m almost over the flu, and it already feels like Hazel Belle — who we think is a combination of about 5 different breeds and will max out at 35 pounds once she puts on some weight — has always been here!

Happy 2020, everyone.