What the end of Roe v. Wade means for your daughters

**** My column for Sunday, July 10, print edition ***

The day before Roe v. Wade was overturned, I opened the door to a funeral home in Missouri and locked eyes with the man who molested me when I was a teenager. He was holding court by the guest book, so I slipped around back and spent the next hour, until he left, hugging and comforting friends, skirting the funeral parlor like an animal avoiding a known predator.

In recent days, a ten year-old rape victim in Ohio had to be sent out-of-state for an abortion because Ohio law would force her to give birth. Is this what parents dream of for their daughters? In Mississippi, House Speaker Philip Gunn declared that abortion is unacceptable, even if the victim is twelve and impregnated by her father or uncle, citing his “personal beliefs.”

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