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Sense of Humor Required

I’ve long ago given up on New Years resolutions as just another way to beat myself up.  Really, who needs more of that?  Instead I’m flipping through one of my favorite books on writing — Ariel Gore’s How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead — and having some laughs.  At myself.

Gore gives a load of good advice on the writing life, but more importantly she spurs you onward with pluck and a sense of humor, walking that line of Take Yourself Seriously! But not too Seriously! with just the right balance.  If you’re looking for inspiration for gluing your butt to the chair and churning out your inner genius, without feeling like you could poke out both eyes with a fork, take a gander at How To Become A Famous Writer …. With chapter titles like these, I promise you’ll have some fun.

“Stories Are Like Feral Kittens”

“Be Just As Crazy As You Are”

“Don’t Say Plethora”

“Be An Anthology Slut”