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Emily’s First (and last)

Do you have an extra $12,000 laying around?  If so, you’re in luck.  Bauman Rare Books is selling a First American Edition of WUTHERING HEIGHTS for exactly that price.  This U.S. edition was published about five months after the London first edition (the London one being virtually unobtainable), so if you’re in the market …

Emily Bronte died in 1848 at age 30, the year after this novel — her first and last — was published.  Even though I know this, it’s always just crazy to think about.  One book, an epic, before age 30.  Imagine what she could have done with more years.  Or maybe she would have been like a Harper Lee and been happy with just the one great book.  We’ll never know.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS is my most beloved classic, the one I go back to when all the modern books I’m reading start to seem too flat and too predictable and too ‘just like all the other books I’m reading’.  This classic has everything I crave in an epic story:  ominous settings, complex characters, obsession, love, revenge.

What more could a (40-something) girl want?  Well, her very own First Edition, of course.  Now where did I put that extra $12 grand …

What’s your go-to classic?